What to eat during the autumn and winter to be in the shape


It is not a secret that winter exams negatively influence students’ health and nutrition. That is why GetEssayEditor’s team tells how to choose the right strategy for nutrition during the fall and winter to get ready for exams.

Gain weight to slim down

Cold season is in full play and we have put on extra clothes and coats. All people mentally prepared for the winter season. What does this all mean? This means that you can relax and eat a little bit more cakes to gain weight. However, it is necessary to know the limit when you gain weight. The thing is that the fall and winter are the period when our body needs more calories to keep warm.

It is recommended to increase the consumption of calories and focus on strength training. The goal is to gain as much muscles as possible before the new year. But when you gain muscles, you inevitably increased fat in your body. That's the way the human body works. It is impossible to gain muscles without fat.  

After the New Year, when we gain as much muscles as possible, we start cutting process when we lose our weight. During this process the body loses not only fat, but also a part of muscles. The more muscles you have, the more you will get at the end of the cutting process. Thus, when summer season begins, people who care about their body and try to keep fit, have slim body and a lot of haters who were too lazy to achieve same results at the gym.

Keep calm and lift

The success of keeping the body and mind in shape lies in four key factors:

emotional balance;




Eat healthy food

Good appetite is fine, but when the desire to eat becomes a hobby and weight is increasing, it's time to think about your diet. Autumn and winter are always stressful for our body, because our organism does not understand what is going on: sleepless nights, term papers, exams, etc. That is why we should be more attentive to our health and nutrition.

What to eat in order not to deprive yourself of a delicious meal, but at the same time not to gain weight. It is not necessary to keep a strict diet, because the body requires nutrients. Energy obtained from food should be enough to keep our body warm, and also to ensure support for our immune system.

We need to learn a few rules:

  1. Products that you eat should be nutritious and rich with healthy substances, and they do not have to be fat. For example, instead of high-calorie buns you can eat a plate of a porridge. It will not allow you get well and provide the body with the necessary energy.
  2. The second important rule is that you need to distribute your daily food properly. It means that you should not eat your head off once a day. It is better to eat small portions 5 times a day. The pause between eating should be no more than 4 hours.
  3. Make yourself a menu for the day. It should include a lot of fruits and green tea. If you cannot eat fruits for some reason, replace them with dried fruits. Do not forget to eat soups at the lunchtime, they will not let you get fat and also will keep you feeling full longer.
  4. Try to avoid excess consumption of coffee, but drink more herbal tea. It is known that coffee makes our body store fat. Therefore, it is better to drink herbal tea to keep warm. Eat more food that contains protein, because it will help to cope with sudden spate of hunger.
  5. Remember that spicy food helps to burn calories and weight, that is why you can bravely go to the Mexican restaurant and eat more dishes with hot pepper.
  6. Do not forget that it is necessary to drink a lot of water not only in summer, but in winter. In cold weather, our body may sweat and require a lot of water. Drink at least 6-8 cups per day. Eat more steamed food or use olive oil for cooking.

Keep moving

A perfect way to become more active is to enjoy winter sports. If you love skating, go straight to the skating rink. If the ice is not your cup of tea, choose a ski, but first learn how to walk on them, because ending at the emergency room will not be an exciting experience for you. You can always find sleds in the garret and go to the park. It will definitely bring you a lot of fun and help to burn some calories. It is necessary to go outside for a walk during the lunch time, because all people require the daylight named serotonin. It helps us to feel peace and happiness, and the more brain produces it, the better we feel. It is very important in winter.

It is necessary to sleep more during autumn and winter, because, according to the scientists, the appetite is increased due to the lack of sleep. It leads to overweight. Do not neglect going to baths. In complex with proper nutrition it prevents obesity. Also, staying in the baths is similar to jogging.

In winter you need to drink not less than two glasses of fresh pineapple juice. The juice should be diluted with pure water, so that all its components won’t injure the delicate mucosa of the stomach with high content of acid. During the winter season, you can get rid of the extra fifteen kilograms drinking juice. Pineapple juice contains fat burners, it cleanses the body of the final decay products, simultaneously rejuvenating all its systems. In general, you should calculate the number of water needed to be consumed by the following formula: Your weight * 30 ml. Thus, you will turn on the process of weight loss.

 Pay attention to cellular tissue. It can be found in bran, cereal waste grains. Ballast substances contained in cellular tissue perfectly scrub the hollow organs, your stomach, small and large intestines. Dietary fibre is low in calories and in combination with water is unique adsorbent and purifying filler. It lowers your appetite a lot. Consumption of dietary fiber with the water brings great changes to your body:

-it helps to normalize metabolism of fats,

- it helps to align PH level,

- it helps to restore useful microflora.

You can purchase it in drugstores, which sells nutritional supplements or in supermarkets.

Consumption of healthy food will help you to cope with difficult exams and university assignments. Keep in mind that our team of professional editors will also help you to overcome this stressful period of the year. Do not hesitate and contact us to learn how to get academic help!