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APA paper proof readingHave your professors assigned you the paper that has to be cited in APA style? Then, you should know that the precise and accurate formatting according to the APA guidelines will help you get the highest grade. The rules of formatting academic papers are very strict especially when it comes to thesis or term papers. Have troubles with formatting a written paper? Worry no more! The bite-sized formatting advice from our editing services will help you submit a flawless paper.

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Editing and proofreading that follow the writing stage take less time than the essay composition, yet they are very important for getting the grade you want. If you are time-pressed with multiple assignments or work commitments, don’t sacrifice your sleep time or quality time with your dear ones just to edit essays! Contact the editors of for assistance. Our professionals will format your written essay as per APA guidelines as well as correct the grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. We keep our charges affordable for students –  proofreading service starts at $7.99 only and a discount is available.

10 main APA formatting rules from APA proofreading services

APA proofread checklist

APA style guide is mostly used in psychology and social sciences. And, from our experience, most of the students make typical mistakes trying to format their papers in APA. Today, we are going to walk you through these rules so you could ensure that your essay is cited and formatted correctly. By the way, you could also find these grammar myths everyone should know helpful.

Use impersonal style and past tense

APA paper is not your informal essay; a number of guidelines apply to its writing style as well. In particular, our paper corrector recommends that you not use the first person (write “the research was conducted” instead of “I conducted the research”). Also, since you cite the other researches and come to conclusions, you should use the past tense in writing.

Set up margins and spacing

If it isn’t set by default, set all margins as one inch (1’’) and use double line spacing. Note that you might need to remove all kinds of spacing since the program might add the extra spacing between the paragraphs. Our editor says that these are general APA guidelines; but if your tutor gives you the other instruction, stick to it.
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Idents and font

Typically, you don’t need to add the extra spacing between the paragraphs. What you need to do, though, is to indent the beginning of each paragraph so it’s visible for the reader. The classic font for APA paper is Times New Roman, 12 pts.

Format the title

The major components of your title page are running head, paper title, your name and institution. Do not put any other information here! As a rule, the title, author’s name and school affiliation are centered on the page.

Avoid being informal

The writing style and tone of voice in an academic essay differs from other kinds of writing. In particular, the experts of our website suggest that you avoid using constructions (say “it is not well acknowledged” instead of “it isn’t well acknowledged). The style guide also prohibits the use of personal statements and your own thoughts on the subject matter. Everything you write should be based on evidence and research.

Compose a correct abstract

An abstract is the section following the title page. It starts with the word “Abstract” centered on the first line. Following is the 150-250-word summary of the key ideas and points of your research. At the end of this section, add a few keywords to make your research paper searchable in university or college databases.

Use the correct paper structure

This tip relates more to the writing than the formatting. When writing the main body of your essay, note that it should be structured as follows:

  • Introduction (don’t mix up with abstract!) is designed to familiarize the reader with the theoretical background;
  • Method – list all methods and procedures you’ve used in research;
  • Results – summarize the findings derived from your research;
  • Discussion – interpret the results and come up with your own conclusions.
    Not following this structure can lead to getting a low grade, our copywriters say. Note that these rules are especially strict at the Master’s and PhD level.
    If you seek advice to create better English papers, read our guide on common mistakes in present tenses that students make.

Set a header for the first page

One of the common problems that freshers face is creating a different header for the title page. For MS Word 2007 and above, this problem is solved as follows:

  • Double click at the top of white page and type in the text for your first page;
  • In the above menu, you’ll see Design tab highlighted. Click on it and then put a check against “Different first page”.
  • Now, you can get to the second page and type in the different header.

Be careful with citations

All the ideas retrieved from other sources should be properly cited. If you use the ideas from books or journal articles without citing them, this is considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is frowned upon by all colleges and universities and such essays are not accepted. Cite all the sources you’ve used as per APA guidelines and list them on the References page. If your paper fails to pass the plagiarism check, contact our company for a rewriting service. Our assistant will paraphrase it with a 100% originality guarantee while preserving the original ideas.

References should go in alphabetical order

References are the last part of your essay or paper. It starts with the word “References” at the middle of the first line, followed by the list of sources you’ve cited in the paper. References should be listed in alphabetical order! Most likely, your teacher’s instruction will mention how many sources you should use for the comprehensiveness of research. For in-depth guidance on referencing different types of sources (books, articles, web pages), consult this APA formatting and style guide.

Find inspiration for writing an essay

Not every university student is fascinated by the idea of composing an essay or paper, and you might be dreaded by the idea of writing. It’s quite difficult to compose a strong essay, especially when the task is urgent and you lack copywriting skills. Experiencing that writer’s block again? Follow our tips below to go back on track and regain your motivation for writing:

  • Cheer yourself up with a favorite snack. Recharge yourself with a taco, smoothie, sushi or try this simple caramel popcorn recipe, depending on what you like.  If popcorn isn’t really your cup of tea, try one of these products that will fuel your brain with energy:
  • Learn from the best. Internet is flooded with examples of successful essays that won the contest and scholarships. Read a few examples to get a glimpse of how a good paper is structured, how the authors choose the right words and build their argumentation. Avoid copying something from the available essays, though, as it’ll be considered as plagiarism.
  • Try free writing. The writing consultant recommends that you take a sheet of paper and just write everything that crosses your mind on the subject. Set a timer for 15 or 30 minutes and let the ideas flow. This is the trick that the writers by trade often use. It helps clear your mind and outline the major ideas that you’ll be using when you actually get down to composing an essay, be it an APA research paper or essay for MBA scholarship.
  • You don’t have to start with an introduction. The opening sentences are the hardest to compose. So, if you’re feeling stuck, leave the introduction for a while and focus on writing the other sections. When the rest of the essay is ready, you’ll return to it and think again.
  • Read a lot. The best writers are usually avid readers. Not only reading the book of your favorite author can inspire you, but also helps you hone and polish your own writing skills. Moreover, if you read a lot, you won’t have to learn the boring grammar rules any longer, as you’ll naturally write correctly and nearly error-free.

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