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Mind-Blowing Essay Editor Service: Online, Free, Easy in Use

GEE will deliver an edited admission essay, free of any types of mistakes, thus increasing the chances of applying to university substantially. Below are the advantages we offer to all students using our editing and proofreading services:

  • Error-Free Admission Essay

    Students writing their papers on their own typically make mistakes in the body of their document (whether it is a personal statement, college essays, application essays, or other documents) and fail to notice them.

    It is challenging to create unique and quality texts for students, who are not native English speakers, and they definitely require the assistance of proofreading experts.

    While there are numerous grammar checking tools available online that can help you get rid of grammar mistakes, this is not enough to make the paper significantly improved.

    Our talented editors and proofreading professionals will edit your documents, improving sentence structure, grammar, word choice, spelling, and formatting, correcting punctuation errors, and reducing word count.

    Each paper is thoroughly analyzed and reviewed by our editing and proofreading expert team to ensure the essay's structure, grammar, and other unique features are expertly addressed.

  • Professional Editors

    If you have developed an application essay and need someone to edit it, you have our expert editors at service to polish your papers.

    You will get professional assistance from college essay editors with a vast experience in delivering college editing service to college students in different subject areas.

    If you are not sure of the structure of your college essay, its grammar or spelling, don't be shy to contact our academic essay editing crew for further expert assistance.

    Our professional editor hub will make the provided writing concise, original, and persuasive.

    As a result, you will receive a polished draft that will meet your expectations.

  • Expert Customer Support Crew

    Since our company delivers professional college essay editing services online, we made them available for use around the clock.

    We realize that students requiring essay editing services visit our website from different corners of the world, and our major task is to help them in any way.

    Different time zones are not an issue when you work with us!

    We have a friendly and reliable team of support agents, who are ready to chat with you online instantly!

    They will help you select the appropriate service and answer all concerns and questions regarding the use of our essay editing services.

    We aim at making your user experience as comfortable as possible and thus improve and develop our website and its services to meet your college essay editing needs.

  • Timely Delivery

    University students typically have a lot of assignments to complete and papers to write.

    Still, they seem to have not enough time to cope with all university tasks and submit their papers on time.

    In a rush, they may make a lot of mistakes in their papers and earn lower grades, as a result.

    If you have an urgent paper to submit in several hours or an assignment with a fixed due date in several days, hand in your written essays to our professional essay editors for review.

    The team of our skilled essay editors will thoroughly edit your paper, fixing all grammar and word count mistakes and submit the edited document within the deadline.

    Cooperating with our college essay editing service agency implies having edited essays strictly on time.

  • Mind-Blowing Reference Editing Service

    One of the most challenging parts of students' academic papers written on their own is the proper formatting of references and in-text citations.

    Surely, students do not possess the required writing skills to write the content perfectly and format it in accordance with a required citation style.

    This is when our proofreading service comes into play.

    Whether you have an admission essay or college essay that should be referenced as required, our professionals will cope with any type of document provided and reference style requested.

    Your references will be edited and formatted in accordance with the latest writing requirements and academic editing standards.

  • Comprehensive Plagiarism Checker

    The issue of plagiarism is serious across a number of educational establishments.

    It may entail adverse consequences for college or university students submitting their application essay or personal statement.

    Our professional essay editing service agency checks the document sent by students for editing prior to starting proofreading it.

    We identify the places with plagiarism in papers and fix them, thus demonstrating our professionalism in terms of delivering quality services and papers and avoiding plagiarism to show the document is unique in its content.

  • Essential Number of Subject Areas Covered

    Our online essay editing and proofreading crew consists of professional essay editing and proofreading specialists with rich expertise in a number of subject areas requested by customers.

    While our essay editors can work with personal statement, admission essays, resumes, cover letters, and other university and career related documents, they also elaborate on college papers in any subject like gender studies, social sciences, etc.

    Our seasoned essay editors can also deliver different types of editing, including but not limited to business editing, academic editing, substantive editing, and proofreading.

Professional Essay Editing Service: Make Sure To Read This Prior To Submitting The Paper

While you may think that we advertize our website only to stimulate you to use our essay proofreading services, it is not.

Our goal is to make you aware of the instances that may take place if students ignore the editing process of the first draft and fail to be enrolled in the desired program.

Consider the following aspects when hesitating whether to use our services or not.

Increase the Chances of Being Admitted

Do you have a desire to be admitted to Columbia University?

Have you already written your essay and wish to submit it already?

Did you know that the admission process becomes more challenging each year due to the fierce competition and number of applicants for the same program?

If you strive to be enrolled, then referring to an expert college essay editing service is a must-have to improve your writing and edit the essay prior to its submission.

Your essay should be compelling to stand out and succeed, for sure.

Investing into Your Essay Is Wise

Making investment into the success of your essay is worth the grades you will earn and improved academic achievements, isn't it?

Hiring a professional essay editor is a wise and informed decision if you care about the quality of your writing and want to be sure it is free of errors.

Our essay editors will edit the essay, leaving your ideas unchanged and making suggestions regarding its improvement.

In this way, you get the polished essay that may be delivered to the professor.

High Customer Satisfaction Rate

94% of students using our college essay editing services reported higher chances for admission and improved academic performance.

Since our editors work hard to meet all of your requirements and leave suggestions for further essay improvement, our clients are happy with the final result.

Essay Editing Services Are Legal

Our editing services are 100% legal.

We do not offer writing services and do not change your ideas expressed in the essay.

Instead, we focus only on editing services to edit the content crafted by our customers and improve it to make it high quality and error free.

Our main goal is to make your essay totally original, persuasive, and clear.

Why GEE Company Is Really Cool?

  • Free Use of Content

    The content you find on our website is totally free for being used by our visitors.

    We introduce interesting blog posts that may be useful for you as an idea for your school essay.

    Still, you need to remember not to cite our website as a credible source because professors typically do not consider such sites as academic sources of information.

  • Online on a Constant Basis

    Our services are available to our visitors on a constant basis, whenever you have an internet connection.

    Whether you wish to check your order status, messages on our part, or download the completed essay - feel free to use our website anywhere you are.

  • Highly Convenient Interface

    When you visit our website, you see that its design is very convenient and easy to use and navigate.

    The information you are looking for is easily identified and accessed, what makes your user experience highly convenient and positive.

  • All Inclusive

    All information required about our services is efficiently located on the website in the corresponding sections.

    There is no need to search the Internet to find additional information.

    If any questions arise - please contact our available support agent via chat.

Hire Seasoned Editors:
How To Order

Place the order

You need to select the necessary service and attach your writing for the editor to work on.

You will also need to fill the instructions field to help the editor focus on the areas you need to be improved in the writing piece.

The best editor in your area of study will be assigned to polish your essay.

Proceed with the payment

Prior to assigning an editor, the required step is to pay for the editing service.

We introduce several payment options, which are transparent and secure.

If you feel some doubts or questions regarding the payment procedure, do not be shy to contact our support representatives to explain the procedure.

Monitor the process of essay editing

You may track the process of essay editing by visiting the customer area on our website.

You also have an opportunity to communicate with the editor to ask questions regarding the completion phase or any concerns that may arise.

In addition, you may always contact our support team available round the clock if the writer does not reply.

Get the improved essay

Our editors download the polished essays on time and provide feedback and suggestions regarding their further improvement.

We work efficiently and quickly to help all of our customers get an improved essay within the deadline, even the most urgent.

When Is Essay Editing Required Most of All?

The professional assistance of experienced editors will be helpful in the majority of cases, even in those when you believe it is not necessary.

Since GEE works with various types of documents and a variety of subjects, our customers feel confident when cooperating with us because we are their point of professional assistance.

A person may need essay editing services in the following instances:

An Essay As Part of the Application Procedure

The competition becomes more rigorous each year, and an admission essay turns into a powerful tool to get enrolled into one of the universities of your dream.

It implies that you need to have a strong essay without errors and written in perfect language to stand out and get the chance of being noticed.

Since our company and editors aim at helping customers succeed with their polished papers, you may be confident to get back a quality document to achieve success.

Applying For A Scholarship

In case you tend to apply for a scholarship, you will need a great essay as well.

If you have a person who can check your writing and find any errors, offering suggestions on how to better fix them, it is a great bonus.

Still, if you do not have such a person to help you, you will require the help of a professional editor.

Why? Because the presence of errors and inconsistencies in the essay may affect the overall impression about you as a student.

This is the major reason why we encourage you to use our services and be sure to get a high quality product.

Any Document Type To Submit

Our company works with a variety of documents' types to help our dear customers cope with their writing tasks and improve them considerable.

We can assist you with cover letters, coursework, dissertations, research articles, different types of assignments, application essays, recommendation letters, statements of purpose, etc.

If you have more questions to ask - we are always available!

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