Editor online: Top 10 Grammar Mistakes

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For this post, we decided to create a list of the most common 10 mistakes that you should avoid while editing your essays or research papers for University or College. We hope that you have already followed our advices and chosen the best essay editor onlinefor all your assignments.  Our editors are always ready to provide you with top-notch service. Having years of experience in academic editing, we gained deep knowledge in this sphere that is why we want to share it with you, in case if Continue reading

Edit my paper: Who Are Copyeditors?

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In the previous article we have already spoken about Essay Editing and What Editors Do. We all know that there are experts who may help you avoid time-consuming grammar learning process and verify your paper instead of you. Who are these people? Of course, paper editing service is a quite new thing on the Internet, but all students know that this profession is called copyeditor. Let us share our experience and knowledge in the field of paper editing with you. Let’s go deeper into Continue reading

What to eat during the autumn and winter to be in the shape

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It is not a secret that winter exams negatively influence students’ health and nutrition. That is why GetEssayEditor’s team tells how to choose the right strategy for nutrition during the fall and winter to get ready for exams. Gain weight to slim down Cold season is in full play and we have put on extra clothes and coats. All people mentally prepared for the winter season. What does this all mean? This means that you can relax and eat a little bit more cakes to gain weight. Continue reading

How to proofread my paper: basic rules

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Proofreading is a careful verification of the written text in order to find and delete any kind of mistakes in punctuation, grammar, structure, style and spelling. Our editors from have already shared several advices on essay proofreading and resume proofreading. Here are some tips from paper proofreading service: What to do before proofreading What to pay attention to when proofreading papers What to do when you want to learn more about paper proofreader   What Continue reading

Recipes of sweet gifts for Christmas and New Year

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Home-made sweets and cookies will be a perfect Christmas and New Year gift for your friends, teachers, family and close people. GetssayEditor’s team selected three delicious recipes: berry marshmallow, chocolate-ginger cookies and Chinese fortune cookies. By the way, you can compose those predictions on your own. Chocolate-Ginger Cookies Ingredients: 3⅓ cups of flour; ½ cup of cocoa; ¾ cup of brown sugar; ¾ tsp of baking powder; 1 tablespoon of cinnamon; 1 Continue reading

10 popular science books to read this winter

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We have already discussed what to read this autumn and it is high time to share a few advices on what to read in winter. The top rated science fiction books for your consideration! How old is the Universe? How did life on Earth appear? How will the cars look like in the future? Popular science books from this selection will give you the answers to these questions and help you become a more knowledgeable person. 1. “The origin of life. From the nebula to the cell” by Mikhail Continue reading

Six Signs That You Need Academic Editing Services

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When studying at the University, everyone realizes that academic writing is not an easy task for an average student. At first sight, it seems that papers are not so difficult to compose, but it turns out that it is a challenging assignment. Whatever you are going to make — a course work, a thesis, a dissertation, or research project, it requires writers’ talents, ability to search information on the Internet (and in other resources), proficiency, attentiveness, Continue reading

Secrets of long life: What to eat to live to a hundred years

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Student’s life is not easy: sleepless nights, absence of healthy food, and nerves can negatively reflect on the quality of our lives. If you want to live a long and healthy life, try to follow some advices on nutrition and habits of centenarians from different corners of the World. For more than ten years, a group of researchers from the National Geographic Society has examined five places in the world where people live the longest life.  There is a very low rate of heart disease Continue reading

Top 15 grammar mistakes that everyone can make

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Possessing good knowledge of grammar is very important for everyone, no matter how you are going to use it in your life. You may write professional articles or be a student at University – proper grammar really matters. For this post, created a list of the most widespread grammatical mistakes people usually make. Everyone can make a mistake that can cost you your reputation. Any reader can blame your ignorance and judge your intelligence. Have you ever wondered when do Continue reading

The guide on the basic directions of yoga

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Do you think that yoga practice is not dynamic enough? Or maybe you have enough sport in your life, but lack the spiritual aspect? Or you just want to feel better without making too much efforts? Yoga offers many directions that can satisfy different people’s needs. created a guide that will help you to understand the basics of yoga practice and choose the most suitable option for you. Hatha yoga The most widespread branch if yoga is hatha. It is usually recommended Continue reading

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