Best Essay proofreading service: How to proofread my essay?

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In the previous post, we offered you advices for dissertation writing and tips how to improve your thesis. However, the majority of students lack imagination and need more tips and hints on how to create even a simple essay that will help not to fail the grade. Therefore, we asked the writers from to create a list of proofreading tips for this article. Hope you will get benefits! It is not a secret that a student can be detected by a certain style of writing and personal Continue reading

11 science fiction novels of the XXI century

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11 science fiction novels of the XXI century, which are worth reading Every year, the World society of science fiction counts on the results of readers voting and names the best fiction piece of literature of the year. The winners are awarded the “Hugo” prize - one of the most prestigious in this genre. Our team of professional writers and editors always try to collect the most interesting and useful information for you. We have already offered a few interesting novels to read Continue reading

Scientists have found that reading fans live longer

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Finally, the scientists got busy and proved that a habit of reading can bring us not only mental clarity and richness of imagination, but also something more valuable - the additional years of life. The School of Public Health at Yale University conducted and summed up a research on the impact of reading on the life span. The study lasted for 12 years.  The participants were 3.6 thousand elderly men and women. Among them were the most different people, such as avid fans of reading books Continue reading

How to read more books if you are short of time and effort

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Do you have difficulties in learning English grammar? Would you like to develop your writing skills? Do you read a lot? Researchers from Emory University have proven that reading the book increases the level of intelligence. Whenever you read, you train your brain. Each time it creates new connections to save the newly obtained information. Studies have shown that people who read or write a lot have lower rate of decrease in mental activity than those who rarely train their brain. When you read, Continue reading

Thesis editing tips: how to improve your thesis?

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If you are on this page, you wrote, experienced and suffered thesis writing on your own. Our editing and proofreading task is to help you bring it into line with the rules and norms of academic writing in English. Our thesis editing service was created to help degree candidates verify the “brainchild”. We are trying to do our best to ease the burden on the candidates for a degree, thus we keep our rates on editing of scientific texts even lower than on the editing of literary Continue reading

How to finish off the academic paper?

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We have already mentioned that Proofreading and Editing is an integral part of writing academic work. Remember that it is better to check and proofread your written text twice before sending it to your professor.  That is why it is important to consider issues that are related to the editing process after the text is written. HOW TO EDIT YOUR PAPER? Editing in our case serves two purposes: -Make the text satisfy the contextual, formatting and stylistic requirements of a specific academic Continue reading

How to choose online essay editor?

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How to choose online essay editor? Are you surfing the Internet nervously in search of a reliable online essay editor? Let’s hold on for a while and talk about the significance of the editing after writing. Essay writing is a challenging and time consuming process, so it can take a lot of your free time. Nobody wants to run a risk and stake a grade on a cast. Editing process is no less important and difficult than writing. It helps to detect mistakes that could be made by an author in a Continue reading

Things you should avoid in academic writing

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When the essay/ dissertation/ research paper is written, you may feel totally exhausted and almost dead. You can hardly find any strengths to continue working on your paper and proceed to proofreading part. Needless to say, but the best and the easiest way to improve your written document is to contact online custom essay proofreader. Thus, you will be able to have some rest while experts work on your assignment. There is a great number of online essay proofreaders on the Web and Continue reading

Dissertation Editor: Tips For Dissertation Writing

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All you need is a wise counsel on dissertation Getting a cherished PhD degree has never been easy. Who but our assistants providing dissertation editing services know it for sure? Most of them are former graduate students. Thus, they are aware of all torments and challenges that accompany this process. The post you are reading now is written on the basis of their experience. However, we also used the universal guidance of universities and colleges. Preparing such a serious document as a Continue reading

Tips for spelling words you don't know

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English spelling cause a lot of difficulties not only for native speakers, but also for language learners. It is difficult to find a relation between pronunciation of the English words and its spelling for many historical reasons. Due to the The Great Vowel Shift in 1359 – 1600 years, long vowels in English words changed their pronunciation. English spelling became standardized only in the 15th and 16th centuries. As a result, spelling of some words sometimes seems to be completely Continue reading

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