10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Essay Editor

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10 reasons to hire an essay editorHave you ever collaborated with a professional academic editor? If no, you should definitely give it a shot, especially if an important essay is due this week. A paper editor is a person who gives your writing a final touch, polishing both the content and formatting for better impact and higher grade. If you are hesitating if hiring an editing pro is worth it, continue reading for the benefits you’ll extract out of this collaboration.

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The result of the editing process depends on your editor’s qualification. For example, the copywriters and editors of hold the relevant university degrees (BS and above) and have substantial experience with copyediting high school, college and university essays. We provide dissertation editing services as well, and guarantee the highest quality of all work done. Depending on your country of residence, you can choose between a native American and British corrector. We adhere to the most urgent deadlines for your assignment, and you will receive an improved essay on time.

Reasons to hire a professional essay editor

10 reasons to hire top paper editors

1. Benefit from an objective look at your work
If you’re not a professional writer, is a dilemma to objectively evaluate the quality of your essay or research paper. Even if you have a grading rubric at hand, you can’t guarantee that you’ve met 100% of it. However, the education professionals can do it for you. The experienced writers and proofreaders will quickly spot the weak areas in your essay and address them. A good editor can also provide you with a bunch of suggestions to strengthen your writing and recommend the most important grammar rules to follow. Moreover, the second set of eyes will provide you with an outside perspective so you could become a better writer.

2. Get higher grades
In most colleges and universities, professors will reduce your grade in case of grammar, syntax, punctuation and sentence structure errors. All issues are hard to spot during the self-edit, so you’ll end up getting B or C even if your ideas were great. Sounds frustrating after the hours of hard work, isn’t it? Of course, you can always rely on the professor’s feedback. They’ll point out at your mistakes, and you’ll manage to produce better essays in the future. But why not start getting the best grades from the very beginning in the course and increase your GPA eventually?

3. Save your time
Writing is time-consuming with so many things to consider (by the way, here’s our compilation of the rules about nouns: Unfortunately, the editing stage is as demanding – you have to learn and apply a lot of essay editing techniques, and the ideal result is not guaranteed. We bet you have lots of other urgent assignments to do, so why not let the professionals take care of the editing stage and focus on other important stuff?

4. Learn how to write better essays
The writers by trade –  such as novelists, journalists, bloggers and more – always hand their work to an expert editor for review. If you’re an ambitious student who cares about the GPA and career success, you shouldn’t neglect this strategy either. In addition to fixing the issues in your writing, editor can share personalized writing tips or recommend the word usage to improve the way you communicate your thesis or arguments. Through these suggestions from a professional, you’ll improve your own writing skills. Should I remind that professionally polished essays always get the highest grades?
Another tried-and-true advice to become a better writer is to read a lot. Our writer picked the most promising authors definitely worth reading:

5. Relieve yourself from stress
The composition of important and urgent essays goes hand in hand with huge mental pressure and stress. You want to make sure that everything is perfect and are freaked out by the sole idea of missing something. Having a professional to check and correct that paper before the submission will relieve you from a great deal of this pressure. The editorial consultant will take care of style, grammar and other issues, allowing you to get the highest grades that your hard work and ideas deserve.

6. Online editing software won’t make your day
As a student, you probably have used a proof reading website such as or They are undoubtedly helpful to correct the typos and help you put commas when necessary. The problem is, this kind of check is superficial – the software can only find and fix minor issues. Thus, checking websites won’t help significantly improve your writing and won’t get you a better grade. It’s only a human editor that can see the underlying issues and fix all of them at a time.

7. High-quality editing can be affordable
Just like any qualified help, getting your essay edited by an English checker is paid. However, the companies providing services for students realize their financial constraints and keep the prices at a reasonable level. For instance, our costs for editing start with $7 per page only, which is quite cheap considering that all our professionals have at least a BA degree. You are also eligible for a 20% discount off your first order with us.

8. Get help with other paper types
Editing is an integral part of any academic or professional writing. As a student and young professional, you might also need help with polishing other types of paperwork, such as:

  • - Business plan for starting your business
  • - Marketing collateral
  • - Application documents for scholarship
  • - Resume/cover letter to apply for job, etc.
    Clear writing, logical flow of ideas and perfect grammar mean a lot in the professional world, too. A good editor will always have your back when it comes to urgent or important writing of any kind.

9. Utmost attention for details
In certain paper types, the cost of mistakes is too high. For example, your PhD thesis or dissertation requires the most of your attention and effort. The standards of writing for such papers are extremely high – you have to use academic language, reference the paper accurately and comply with other writing rules. However, if you find a trusted editor, you can delegate these minor issues to them and focus on your research and its findings completely. A Master’s or PhD editor can shape your dissertation, pick the right words and ensure that the paper is impeccable in all regards.

10. Confidentiality is guaranteed by our paper correction website
At, we have very strict rules when it comes to your privacy. We secure the full confidentiality of your payment and the fact of placing an order. in fact, your name and contact information aren’t visible even for your editor! We don’t publish and don’t share your sensitive or contact information with the third parties, even for marketing purposes. Thus, it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to spread the word that you’ve received a bit of editorial help with your assignments – we’re not telling anyone.

Hiring an academic editor carries multiple benefits for you, from saving your time and energy to ensuring the excellent quality of the written product. Everyone makes mistakes in writing, and this is completely okay. Ideas float in your mind as you write, and your biggest task is to reflect them on paper. However, it’s the way you choose to treat your mistakes in writing that will make substantial editing to your academic success. Will you take all the risks associated with DIY editing or take care of your grades in advance by getting some professional help? It’s up to you to decide.

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The key thing you have to remember about good editing that it takes time. You can’t edit well in one sitting. It’s necessary to allocate as much time as it takes to edit in several passes and use strategies for thorough editing. Don’t have time for it? Our company offers a range of ready solutions to perfect your essay – revising, editing and proofreading. Just send us your draft, and our editor will turn it into a submission-ready paper done in accordance with your university requirements. Need urgent help? No problem – we can edit your paper in less than 12 hours. Check out our prices and the full list of services and don’t hesitate to drop us a line in chat if any questions.

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