10 Essential Tips for College Essay Editing


10 essential tips for paper editing

So, you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into the composition of your college essay, and now you just want to breathe out and unwind. However, the essay composition doesn’t end with finishing the last sentence. Once you’ve finished analyzing the subject, developing arguments and organizing key ideas, it’s the time to edit what you have just written. The editing and proofreading stages cannot be neglected – not only they define the perception of your essay by the reader, but also your professors won’t give you an A+ grade if you have poor grammar or your style isn’t up to scratch. If you feel overtired to do the editing on your own, a professional essay editor might help.

Essays editing: become a top college student

In-depth editing is a time-consuming and sophisticated process. The professionals of realize that students today have a heavy workload; thus, we will gladly check your essay and fix mistakes to make a go of it. We staff subject matter experts in all disciplines, from British literature and American history to philosophy and management. Our professionals in copyediting will correct grammar, punctuation and citations, paying special attention to the overall structure, clarity and style. With an impeccably done essay, it is easy to get the best grades and gain the reputation of a top student!

Effective college essay editing

10 expert tips for college paper editing

Self-editing is something that even seasoned writing professionals find challenging. However, the importance of grammar and spelling is undisputable if you want a good grade and a high GPA eventually. Our essay consultant with years of experience in academic writing has compiled a set of editing principles which are widely used by novelists, journalists, web bloggers and other writing professionals. These editing tips will make a huge difference to the quality of your essay.

       1. Use a spell checker – but don’t rely solely on it
Using an online spell checking software such as is a good starting point. However, any software can replace a human editor since they can’t spot the advanced writing issues. Let the automated checking be the first stage of editing process, not the only one.

       2. Give yourself a break 
Don’t get down to editing immediately as you’ve finished writing. Give yourself a few hours – or a day, which is better – to unwind and distract from the text. This will help you to look at the text with the fresh eye and spot mistakes you would have missed otherwise. Moreover, the editing requires deep concentration which is hard to achieve if you are exhausted by writing.

       3. Read the essay aloud
You might be confused by this one – why read aloud something you’ve just re-read for a few times? The matter is, this rule works miracles on the prose. As you read the essay aloud, you can immediately hear awkward or confusing phrases, improper tone of voice and differences in style and fix them, thus achieving the clarity and coherence in writing.

       4. Use precise and specific words
To develop the truly graceful prose, you need to pick words which maximally reflect what you are trying to say. Use concrete and clear language to avoid being misunderstood by a reader and don’t use vague, generic phrases that everyone has heard before. However, to pick the right and most appropriate words, one needs to have a copious vocabulary. The best way to achieve this is by reading a lot – for example, give these top new exciting novels in autumn a try.

       5. Read it backwards, sentence by sentence
When we read the text, we usually grasp the overall meaning of the words of sentences and don’t pay attention to the correct spelling. That’s why, if you’re not a pro editor with a keen eye on detail, it is easy to omit minor issues even after a few circles of reading. To get more focused, try reading your essay from the end, sentence by sentence. As you break the usual reading routine, your brain becomes concentrated on the way each word is written so you’ll find it easier to notice mistakes.

       6. Mix the long sentences with short ones

If your essay consists of wordy sentences only, it will likely sound boring and monotonous for the reader. To liven the text, combine the long sentences with shorter ones. This simple trick makes your essay easier to read. If you are curious how to strengthen your writing, learn our advice on creating breathtaking essays that your teacher will love.

       7. Have a second set of eyes for your admission essay editing 
The pieces composed by writers by trade go through the editor’s check before being published. That’s why we always recommend that you get the essay proofread by someone else (for instance, your peer or significant other). For complex and important papers such as an admission essay, it’s always recommended to hire a professional editor. An editing helper of our team can quickly ensure that your resume is error-free.

       8. Check the paragraphs 
Typos and grammar errors aren’t the biggest problems with student essays. Sometimes it’s the poor organization and structure that serves as a deal-breaker. To check your essay’s organization for clearly and coherently, look at each paragraph individually and make sure it conveys a single completed though, contains a topic sentence, evidence and arguments.

       9. Avoid self-repetition 
If your essay takes more than one page, it’s easy to become self-repetitive here and there. Keep an eye for repetitions both in ideas and in words, and cross them out as the essays which state the same thing in each paragraph look watery. Let alone the fact that repeating the same thing in different variations gives a hint that you have poorly researched the subject or didn’t give the matter a deep consideration.

       10. Use correct referencing as a part of editing help online 
The final grade on your essay depends not only on the content and grammar, but also on the compliance with the formatting and referencing requirements. As a rule, you are required to reference it according to APA, MLA or Harvard citation style – so, stick to the requirements dictated by style guides. The teacher might provide you with additional requirements as per writing, formatting and more, and it will do you any harm to double-check that you’ve met all of them.


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How to edit my college essay? Ask for pro help

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