How to become an MBA student and receive a scholarship

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What is an MBA, why and how to get this degree without heavy financial investments?

Become MBA student

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is an educational program assuming future specialist training at the level of top management. It appeared in the United States of America in the early 20th century. And after the establishment of the first business school began to appear others, created on the basis of Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and University of London.

GetEssayEditor found out why it is so popular, why MBA degree can affect your career, and how to get a scholarship for studying.

Why MBA?

You can get a university education in the field of business with the help of other training programs. What is the difference between an MBA Degree and others?

  1. The MBA is aimed at training managers and leaders, not ordinary employees. The program pays special attention to teaching its students critical thinking, business analysis, leadership, decision-making and communication.
  2. Compared with other educational programs in the field of Business MBA is the most popular and prestigious. The best companies in the world fight over the graduates of top universities with MBA diploma.
  3. According to the survey of business analysts, MBA holders have one of the highest salaries in the business sphere.

Entering the University for the MBA program is not easy: you will have to collect an application packet. It will include:

  • grades from a college or a previous University;
  • an application essay in which you describe the reason why you want to get an MBA diploma, why you have chosen this particular university, and how it will be useful for your career growth;
  • resume with the description of work experience.

In addition, the application must include the results of the GMAT test. It determines the level of analytical and logical thinking of the future student, his ability to communicate and make decisions.

Why do you need an MBA degree?

If you are going to devote your life to business, build a soaring career, raise your salary and find work in top international corporations, an MBA educational program will help you achieve your dream.

If you are planning to make a startup and have already thought over a unique business idea, the MBA program will tell you how to cope with this difficult task in the best way.

Of course, not everyone can and should enter this specialty. Nevertheless, if you are absolutely sure that business is your vocation, and are willing to work hard to obtain a diploma, you definitely need to try.

MBA teaches to be a leader, to manage the locations and staff, to make important strategic decisions, to explain ideas to the team clearly.

How the degree of MBA can affect your career growth?

If you are going to study full-time, you will have to quit your job for two years, devote all your time to studying and live in campus. However, huge investments of forces and energy are definitely worth it.

According to companies engaged in the analysis of business education, also due to the feedback of graduates of MBA programs, the possession of this degree has the following advantages:

  1. Guaranteed employment. Holders of the MBA diploma are highly valued by both large international corporations and rapidly developing start-ups. Talented and professional managers are needed by everyone. Therefore, with MBA degree holders will not be unemployed for a long time
  2. High salary. Polls of graduates of business schools and current top managers show that the holder of the MBA diploma can expect a high starting salary, as well as its rapid increase.
  3. Fast rise on a career ladder. Having obtained a Master’s degree in business administration, you can expect a higher position than the one you occupied at the previous place of work. In addition, you will be among the first candidates for promotion, because your education will make you a quality manager and a recognized leader.

How to get a scholarship for an MBA?

Since the MBA degree is one of the most prestigious in the world, large financial investments are required to obtain it. Firstly, it is a tuition fee. Note, in the best universities in the world it can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Secondly, since you will have to live near the University, living expenses will grow strongly. Third, to enter a full-time education, you will have to give up work for two years.

For many people wishing to enter the MBA program, such a financial burden seems to be unbearable. This is not quite true. In all universities where business schools are established, there are scholarships and grants for low-income students, foreigners, ethnic minorities and women.

How do you know if you can get a scholarship?

There are few advices:

  • First of all, find out which scholarships are provided by the particular University (the University, where you are going to send your application essay and the results of GMAT). Go to the website of the business school, talk to representatives of the admissions committee and graduates.
  • Read about the types of scholarships and grants provided in the business school. Some of them fully cover the cost of education, while others offer partial compensation.
  • Check if you qualify for a scholarship or a grant. Who is the target of the scholarship program at the particular university?
  • Attend events devoted to the specifics of entering a business school and obtaining an MBA degree. They give an opportunity to communicate with people who graduated from business schools and with representatives of the best universities. Also, you can get many important tips: how to make an application for a scholarship and write an essay explaining why you have the opportunity to claim compensation.

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