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Types of Essays

As it was stated above Get Essay Editor works with all types of essays. And moreover you can read free samples of such essays on our blog along with other useful writing and editing tips. But how well are you acquainted with different essay types? If this subject is new to you and you didn’t know that there even could be different types of essays, then this article is for you. After you learn the main characteristics of each type you will be fully armored to compose better essays.  Generally speaking there are innumerable types of essays, but academic world distinguishes four basic types from which all the other unorthodox types derive from.

A narrative essay supposed to tell some story.  This type of essay is often used in admission application to a college because it reveals the writers personality. The main feature of a narrative essay is that all the events that happen in a story must be conveyed in chronological order, have their logical place and time. Moreover the story itself must have clear beginning, middle and end.

A descriptive essay is used to describe some idea, place, thing or a person. Unlike narrative essay, this paper has no progression in time and it rather paints a static picture.

An expository essay is the most informative type of an essay because it presents some information and facts. The students should remember that an expository essay only reveals information, but it is never used to express writer’s opinion on the topic.

A persuasive or argumentative essay uses various types of information in order to express the writer’s opinion and prove some point. Each paragraph of such essay presents an argument that supports the author’s opinion about the topic.

Free Essay Sample

Topic: What can older people learn from your generation?

The youth often hears about what they should learn from older generations, which traits to adopt and what kind of mindset to have. There is no doubt that there is innumerable amount of qualities that modern young people should try to develop at them looking at the example of their parents and grandparents. For example, perseverance, tenacity, consistency and discipline are just few of such qualities. It would be unfair to say that older generation is better than the new one, because it would mean that people who lived three centuries ago were infinitely better that the modern elders. Each generation is different because world changes and humans evolve and staying stagnant would mean extinction for people. Each generation needs to change because they need to adapt to the constantly changing world in order to survive. Modern youth might be too loose, light-minded and often irresponsible and have a lot to learn from older generations, but they also can teach their ancestors a few lessons.

First of all, older generations could learn from the youth how to be more tolerant. Modern days have more diversity in them then our parents and grandparents witnessed in their times. Nowadays more than ever before people travel around the world, move to live to different countries, marry the partners of different races. All those factors provide a massive cultural diversity. Moreover the Internet opened the world even more; there are ultimately no more borders. For young people all that diversity is a inherent part of the world, they accept as a fact that cannot be changed. On the other hand, for older generation these recent changes came as quite a shock. They used to live in a closed, more permanent world and treat otherness as something strange and dangerous. Such attitude still causes a lot of conflicts all over the world, such as racial and religious wars, political persecutions and even death penalties of the disliked.

Furthermore, older people can benefit a lot from learning how to be more adaptable. The modern world is revolving with a mind-spinning speed. Every day there are some new discoveries, additions and changes to the state of things. Technical progress was the most outstanding feature of last few decades and a vast majority of older people feel lost with these developments. The world has changed not only in the sense of technologies but in the sense of freedom. Modern generations frequently change careers, places and generally feel free to choose and change their minds. They no longer feel the need of staying at one job and house for the rest of their lives. A lot of older people perceive it as flippancy and irresponsibility, but they should learn to see a different perspective on this matter. Maybe this freedom means that people become more adaptable. They realized that they possess their lives and must do the best with the little time they have. If older generations learned to be more adaptable and not resist so much the changes they could learn to take control over their live and enjoy it more.

Lastly modern youth could teach their parents and grandparents freedom to be who you want to be and to define your own measure of success. Older people often frown upon the choices youth makes regarding their careers and life-styles. Nowadays more and more young people don’t see money as the measure of success anymore. When choosing a job they focus on their personal interests and how to fulfill their talents. In one word the job must have meaning. In older days success was defined by society and everybody strived to meet that common standard. Some older people now admit that they never thought what they wanted to be and to do, they just followed the prescribed template. They wanted things they were supposed to want. Modern youth, in many aspects rebellious and disobedient, dares to choose their own way and to define success. The words success and happiness now mean different things for every person. Older people could rekindle the fire of their lives if they learned how to get free from the pressure of social expectations and define their own happiness.

Each generation brings something new into this word. But this new doesn’t invalidate the achievements of the past. There is a lot youth should learn from their ancestors, but there are also few things that elders could learn from the modern youth. But this learning to be really helpful must go both ways. Old and young have to constantly learn from each other and only mutual respect can assure that this ever will be possible.

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After reading this free essay sample were you able to understand what type of essay it was? It must have been easy for you to see that it was argumentative essay because it expressed author’s personal opinion and used arguments to support it. In the future more free samples of essay will be coming and you will be able to learn about all of the four types in more detail. If you already have an essay written that needs some professional editing, then you can upload it on our website and enjoys excellent service for a very moderate price