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For this post, we decided to create a list of the most common 10 mistakes that you should avoid while editing your essays or research papers for University or College. We hope that you have already followed our advices and chosen the best essay editor onlinefor all your assignments. 

Our editors are always ready to provide you with top-notch service. Having years of experience in academic editing, we gained deep knowledge in this sphere that is why we want to share it with you, in case if you want to improve your writing skills. This list was created as a reminder of what you should avoid when editing your written papers. It includes a description of the most common mistakes students usually do.

Online essay editor reviews your writing thoroughly to keep your writing style, provides necessary punctuation marks and follows proper English. An experienced online copy editor verifies whether your paper is free of any grammatical mistakes and contains only real facts supported by citations. If you need someone to look at your paper and clean it up, you should ask for professional help. Essay Editing Service will be the best choice for you. Experts will help you to reduce the number of grammatical mistakes and show you how to avoid it in future. In order to eliminate the number of mistakes you should learn the most common ones made by students. Take a look at the major trouble spots and make your texts more literate and professional. Avoiding grammatical errors will relieve your professors from stress and ensure you better grades!

  1. Long and awkward sentences are the most common mistake among students. Students usually think that the longer you make your sentence, the cleverer it sounds. Unfortunately, they are wrong. The longer a sentence is, the more awkward it sounds. Long sentences are difficult for understanding. Do not use several clauses in one sentence, because it may be confusing for a reader. Try to use simple sentences to express your thoughts and ideas. Thinking about readers while writing will help you to create the content that is easy for understanding.
  2. Subject-verb agreement mistakes. One of the most widespread mistakes among students is subject-verb agreement. They often confuse the verb and the subject position. In order to learn this rule, you should isolate the verb and the subject in the sentence and check if they are agreed. Do not use long sentences with independent clauses.
  3. Improper usage of commas. Students always make mistakes in the comma usage. They always want to place a comma between run-on sentences or forget to use commas at all. If you want to avoid these mistakes in your papers, you should better learn rules. If you do not want to waste your time, you can contact a certified online essay editor from
  4. Mistakes in split infinitive construction. Split infinitive is a construction that consists of an infinitive + adverb or other word, which is placed between “to” and the verb, for example: Anna seems to really like it. The thing is that students speak with split infinitives in their everyday life that is why they tend to use it in writing. A task of an expert editor is to delete split infinitive constructions to make the sentence sound more professional and readable.
  5. Mistakes in in-text citations. The problem is that students do not check information when they cite it in the text. When you use any outside sources, all information must be verified and properly quoted. All in-text citations must be included into the reference list. That is why all facts and sources must be double-checked before you decide to put it in your reference list or bibliography.
  6. Improper usage of irregular words. Usually, students mix up some words that spell in the same way, for example: lay and lie. The words are written down like they sound to the ear. Students should learn English spelling and grammatical rules in order to avoid wrong spelling in their essays.
  7. Wrong overall structure of an essay. Proper organization of the text plays very important role in writing. A good and quality essay should be structured well and include 3 main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Headings and sub-headings are very important and make text more understandable for readers. You can use your outline to organize the text properly.
  8. Mistakes in the usage of apostrophe. All students make this mistake. It is necessary to remember that apostrophe does not indicate plural form of the word. In English grammar it is used to indicate the omissions in contractions or possession of nouns. (for example: you are – you’re; Tom’s house; I am – I’m; Merry’s gift).
  9. Tautology. This issue means that a student lacks language knowledge and read not much books. Thus, the usage of dictionary of synonyms will be very helpful. Read more books and learn more words to avoid tautology.
  10. Wrong usage of prepositions. Students always forget about correct prepositions, because they should learn these rules by heart.  The most widespread mistakes are:
  • In and on;
  • Care about or care for;
  • Within or in, etc.

Of course, preposition rules are rather difficult to learn and if you do not want to fail your grade, you should either learn it by heart or order professional assistance from essay editing services online. GetEssayEditor’s team will help you to detect and delete all grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes in your essay. Our experts have years of experience in the online editing business. They know how to make your paper perfect. We guarantee that the number of errors will be ZERO.

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