Quick revision of all present tenses

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In the article "Popular Grammar Myths You Probably Do not Know" we have already discussed the fact that English grammar is quite confusing and difficult to learn. It is necessary to master the knowledge about tense forms in order to communicate in English properly. Basically, there are twelve tenses, four forms in each tense (future, present and past). As we remember, when choosing the required tense in the English language we should also take into account completeness of the action or its Continue reading

Way to use gerund in English

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Short overview A gerund is a verbal that has an –ing ending and names the action. It also has characteristics of the noun, as well as the verb. Since gerund has all characteristics of the noun, as well as an infinitive, it performs a syntactical function of this part of speech in a sentence. Therefore, in a sentence gerund usually functions as: Subject (ex. “Dancing is her favorite exercise”) Subject Complements (ex. “I am fond of reading”) Object (ex. Continue reading

Why is it important to write out quotes from books?

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Reading is an integral part of High School, College and University life. That is why the editors from Get Essay Editor feel a necessity to write about this process and its benefits. We hope that this article will help you to enjoy your studying process and enrich your writing and editing skills. If you regularly write out interesting ideas, quotes and remarks, in a few years you will have your own book of wisdom, which can help you in any situation. People have written out wise quotes for Continue reading

9 proven techniques on how to write an outstanding text

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Nine tips to help your texts become unique and one of a kind. One of the most important and significant mistakes that people make when they think about writing is that the writing skills are perceived as an obvention, something that cannot be learned. The authors support this mistaken belief because it increases their self-esteem makes them feel like a jet set.   Actually, it is a completely wrong belief. When it comes to an oeuvre, work and persistence amounts to 90% of success and only Continue reading

How to write a book?

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Anyone who has a good imagination, but does not have writing skills can write a book. The book can be created for personal use and for the publication so that everyone can buy and enjoy reading it. If you noticed that you like to create amazing story lines while reading your favorite novel, you should think about writing down your own stories. It may seem a little bit complicated, but you will cope with it. Our Team of Editors have created a list of free tips on where to start and how to write Continue reading

How to become an MBA student and receive a scholarship

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What is an MBA, why and how to get this degree without heavy financial investments? MBA (Master of Business Administration) is an educational program assuming future specialist training at the level of top management. It appeared in the United States of America in the early 20th century. And after the establishment of the first business school began to appear others, created on the basis of Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and University of London. GetEssayEditor found out why it is so popular, Continue reading

Students and exams: how to focus on learning?

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Previously we have already discussed how to improve your brain activity and eat healthy food. Usually, students do not think about exams until they are right around the corner. Then a rush job begins, such as an urgent search for resources and textbooks, sleepless nights and nerves. Such fuss leads to the unhealthy diet. If you do not want to damage your health and nervous system, you can always apply for professional writing and editing services. Fortunately, our Editors are eager to Continue reading

How to write a breathtaking text: 7 safe and proven methods

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One of the most profound and common mistakes about creative writing is that many perceive it as something sent down from heaven, something, which cannot be learned or obtained. This myth is successfully supported by the authors themselves since it tickles their vanity and gives a feeling of having been chosen. In fact, this is completely wrong meaning. In any type of art, 90 percent of success consists of work and perseverance, and only the remaining 10% depends on talent.  Any person Continue reading

Edit my English: How to write an essay conclusion properly?

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Writing a conclusion is not just an explanation of the main idea of your essay briefly. It is more difficult than it seems, because conclusion is the final step of an English essay writing and author may feel tired and exhausted by the end of the writing process. Students do not usually understand the importance of the conclusion. However, conclusion is an essential part of an essay since it creates the most impressive effect on the reader. This part should be persuasive and significant, so that Continue reading

Top 15 grammar mistakes that everyone can make

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Possessing good knowledge of grammar is very important for everyone, no matter how you are going to use it in your life. You may write professional articles or be a student at University – proper grammar really matters. For this post, created a list of the most widespread grammatical mistakes people usually make. Everyone can make a mistake that can cost you your reputation. Any reader can blame your ignorance and judge your intelligence. Have you ever wondered when do Continue reading

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