Edit my English: How to write an essay conclusion properly?


Writing a conclusion is not just an explanation of the main idea of your essay briefly. It is more difficult than it seems, because conclusion is the final step of an English essay writing and author may feel tired and exhausted by the end of the writing process. Students do not usually understand the importance of the conclusion. However, conclusion is an essential part of an essay since it creates the most impressive effect on the reader. This part should be persuasive and significant, so that the reader remembers it best. It is important to stick to the point while writing a conclusion. The last feature of the proper conclusion is its length. Some Universities require a conclusion of at least 1-2 pages. And students struggle to make it longer than one paragraph. Others may think that you are just trying to engage readers in empty talk and increase the total word count. When you try to beat the air, you will most likely repeat your own ideas and sound illiterate. That is why your conclusion must be informative and logical.

The main purpose of the conclusion

Conclusions have 3 essential features in the text:

  1. It shows that the chosen topic is worthy of attention;
  2. It summarizes the talk and sums up your ideas;
  3. It serves as the most impressive part of your essay since it leaves the complete effect on a reader;

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“So what” do you think about your paper?

The so-called “so what?!” method is very helpful when you do not know what to include in your conclusion. What if you covered the topic and had closer look at all main aspects. Then ask yourself:

- Why is your essay noteworthy in a specific field of study?

- How may it influence future investigation?

- Is it relevant and significant?

If you answer such questions, you will receive a strong conclusion that may be added at the end of the whole paper.

Some important facts about conclusion

  • Start with specific details. In general, the majority of students start their essays with a thesis statement and narrow down the topic to the specific facts and details. It is necessary to look at the paper the other way around, start your conclusion specifying the details, and develop to the general facts. Attract readers attention and then give them food for thought.
  • Follow your writing style. The conclusion, as well as the whole paper should be written sticking to your own style and writing skills, as well as evaluating your knowledge and writing abilities. It should not sound clumsy and be overloaded with long complex sentences. You risk to lose the main idea. The tone of the main body should be conveyed in the conclusion. It means, when working with English editor, provide several essay samples to help him follow your tone and style of writing.  
  • Make reference to your opening question. If you want to have a strong conclusion, you should get back to your main argument and ponder upon it. Many students forget to include an opening question or an argument in their essays. While, professors may lower the grade due to the absence of an argument in your essay. If your paper is long and you want to add a relevant conclusion, check if there is a strong argument in your paper. Your thesis statement should be connected to the conclusion. Thus, it will not sound off-topic.

As a general rule, conclusion is an essential part of an essay which contains the main ideas of an author collected in a coherent and informative way. This is a tool that enables an author persuade the reader. Also, an essay conclusion, depending on the type of the essay, is connected to the thesis statement and has a great influence on your future grade.

A strong conclusion should point out the importance of the thesis statement and support it, give a complete thought and logical culmination to an essay. It should attract reader’s attention, give a positive impression and a feeling that your research is very important for this particular field of study.

The final part of the paper should bring an atmosphere of completeness. It should be closed with a thought the idea is revealed, but discussion is not finished and it still has a room for the reflections upon the main topic.

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