9 proven techniques on how to write an outstanding text


Nine tips to help your texts become unique and one of a kind.

One of the most important and significant mistakes that people make when they think about writing is that the writing skills are perceived as an obvention, something that cannot be learned. The authors support this mistaken belief because it increases their self-esteem makes them feel like a jet set.  

Actually, it is a completely wrong belief. When it comes to an oeuvre, work and persistence amounts to 90% of success and only the remaining 10% depend on talent. Indeed, any person can create interesting texts that will capture readers’ attention from the first sentence. Especially if you listen to our pieces of advice that GetEssayEditor’s writers want to share with you in this article.

Write an outstanding text

  • Catch the reader’s interest from the first sentence.

This is one of the most important, but at the same time, difficult tasks. The first sentence of your text, like a well-honed hook, should catch the attention of the reader. You can also decorate this hook with a bait. However, it is important not to overdo it so that the reader does not feel frustrated in the middle of the text.

 There are a few pieces of advice on how to start writing and get the readers excited:

  • Start your text with a question;
  • Start with a quotation;
  • Provide some statistics or facts;
  • Start with a story from your real life.
  • Look through your text and evaluate it.

It is not about spelling or typos. We are talking about the content. Of course, you can write interesting texts with dozens of mistakes and typos that make readers laugh or cry. Nowadays,  the Internet is overwhelmed with sources of information, so that the slightest hitch in the dynamics of your narrative will lead to the loss of a reader. That is why you should think about what you write and make each word significant and informative. The best way to check it out is to read it aloud to another person. As soon as the listener loses his attention, you will understand that you need to improve your text.  

  • Write briefly. Make short sentences.

The rule to write long, intricate sentences remained somewhere in the 19th century, when the time was leisurely, and people were thoughtful. Nowadays, our time in compressed to the limit and we do not have time to read endless sentences. The best way to check your text is to read it aloud. If you cannot read a complex sentence in one breath, you need to cut it or split it into several simple sentences.

  • Keep it simple.

Be simple in your thoughts and writings. Do not overwhelm your text with scientific terms. Nobody will open a dictionary, but stop reading.

  • Make your text unique.

It is too difficult to create something new or unique nowadays. Even if the topic you are writing about is not new, try to make your text original. Just think about it on the other side. For example, if the internet is full of tips on How to proofread the paper on your own , try to write about How to find an editor online. 

  • Create an effective ending.

After you added the bait in the introduction and developed the topic in the main body, it is a high time to move to the conclusion. Sometimes it can be as difficult to write as the introduction. Usually, in the conclusion, we repeat the same information that was provided in the whole text but in a concise manner.  Of course, it can be very boring and time-consuming.

It would be much more interesting, if you use the methods of the masters of the detective genre, and keep the clue to the last sentence. Add dynamics to the conclusion. Do everything possible so that the reader does not feel indifference and attention loss.

  • How to write interesting?

Add more privacy! People love stories from real life because they believe in them. If you are a good narrator, people will read your blog.

Avoid clichés, official language, and set expressions. Keep away from complex words in compound sentences. Follow your style of writing, enrich your written text with bright images and expressive metaphors that will make your text captivating and newfangled. In order to make the text easy-readable use more simple sentences. Create your own literary style, invent new metaphors, phrases, visual images, and rhythm.

  • Do not be distracted.

If possible, create a perfect atmosphere for writing a story or an essay. What helps you to write? Do you prefer to work in silence or listen to the rock music? Do your best to create a perfect atmosphere.

Make your own rule. For example, Jack Kerouac lit a candle before he set to work and started creating a new story. When he finished his writing, he blew the candle out. This process was a warning for the brain that it is a time to write and invent new stories. Think of a rule that will help you to tune into the right mood: listen to your favorite song before you start writing or do it at the same time of the day.

  • What to write about?

Think about why you want to write a paper. What would you like to share with readers, what to tell about? Of course, you can write just because you want to become a famous person or an A+ student. 

Alternatively, maybe you just want to tell people about the funny stories of your life, about heroes who live in the fictional worlds, or describe an imaginary world with creepy creatures? These are also excellent topics for a blog or an essay, which will certainly attract reader’s attention.

It does not matter whether you have writing skills or not. Just try to write and find your readers. You will edit and improve your text in the process of writing. team is sure that the tips mentioned above will help you to create unique and interesting texts. You will create noticeable essays, articles or blogs. Of course, each author has its card up a sleeve.

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