How to read more books if you are short of time and effort

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Do you have difficulties in learning English grammar? Would you like to develop your writing skills? Do you read a lot? Researchers from Emory University have proven that reading the book increases the level of intelligence. Whenever you read, you train your brain. Each time it creates new connections to save the newly obtained information. Studies have shown that people who read or write a lot have lower rate of decrease in mental activity than those who rarely train their brain. When you read, Continue reading

Dissertation Editor: Tips For Dissertation Writing

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All you need is a wise counsel on dissertation Getting a cherished PhD degree has never been easy. Who but our assistants providing dissertation editing services know it for sure? Most of them are former graduate students. Thus, they are aware of all torments and challenges that accompany this process. The post you are reading now is written on the basis of their experience. However, we also used the universal guidance of universities and colleges. Preparing such a serious document as a Continue reading

Tips for spelling words you don't know

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English spelling cause a lot of difficulties not only for native speakers, but also for language learners. It is difficult to find a relation between pronunciation of the English words and its spelling for many historical reasons. Due to the The Great Vowel Shift in 1359 – 1600 years, long vowels in English words changed their pronunciation. English spelling became standardized only in the 15th and 16th centuries. As a result, spelling of some words sometimes seems to be completely Continue reading

Most important grammar rules about verbs you should remember

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We have already discussed important grammar rules about adverbs. The VERB is a part of speech, which indicates an action or state of being of a person or a thing. The Verb takes an important part in the English language.  It is impossible to create a sentence without a verb. Verbs usually express a physical, mental or other activity. Verbs answer the questions “what does the person (thing) do?”, “what is done to the person (thing)?” The Verb in English has several Continue reading

Why grammar and spelling really matter in our life

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We have already discussed English parts of speech, grammar tense forms and punctuation. Let us consider grammar as a general phenomenon. What is more important: an ability to build sentences properly (grammar) or spelling? This issue causes a lot of debates among students, especially among those who are just starting to learn the language. Bad spelling and grammar knowledge may cause serious problems and hinder readers’ understanding of the text. Obviously, reader’s impression about Continue reading

Most important rules about nouns to improve your writing

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Previously, we have already spoken about grammar of the English language. At the same time, we forgot to mention NOUNS – the most important part of speech. GetEssayEditor prepared a quick review of basic grammar rules about nouns. Students can use this article as a help in term paper writing, grammar classes, or simply by any person who is interested in the basics of English grammar. Short overview Have you ever thought that the English language mostly consists of nouns? Noun is a part Continue reading

20 fatal resume mistakes that cost you the job

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Resume writing may puzzle to pieces even the most experienced specialist. Applicants continue to create poor resumes: ten pages of text, embarrassing fonts, a lot of catchall phrases and inappropriate photograph. Such mistakes in resume may freak out any recruiter. Now, GetEssayEditor will publish 20 fatal resume mistakes that may cost you the job. And, if you recognize yourself in the following text, do not waste your time and take actions immediately. 1. Writing a 10-page resume It is known Continue reading

Why resume proofreading is so important?

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Proofreading your resume is a must for those who want to get a desirable position in a prominent company. Every day dozens of people lose their chance to get an invitation for an interview because of typos and grammatical errors in their resume. According to the latest survey of, approximately 58% of employers put resume aside and automatically reject candidate because of slightest mistakes in resume. Why You Must Proofread Your Resume? You will show basic education Continue reading

Important rules about modal verbs in English

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Wiki says: “The modal verbs of English are a small class of auxiliary verbs used mostly to express modality (properties such as possibility, obligation, etc.). They can be distinguished from other verbs by their defectiveness (they do not have participle or infinitive forms) and by the fact that they do not take the ending -(e)s in the third-person singular.”  We use modal verbs to express something that can probably, certainly, or possibly happen. Modal verbs help when Continue reading

Usage of past tenses in English

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The following article is the second one in the series about “Tenses in English”. The first article was devoted to the Present tense and how it is expressed in the language. Now, we are going to revise all past tenses that exist in the English language. As we all know, the past tense is a form of the verb that indicates the time of the action, which happened in the past. All past tenses in English we call the Past Tenses, however they may differ in duration of an action or its Continue reading

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