How to read more books if you are short of time and effort


Do you have difficulties in learning English grammar? Would you like to develop your writing skills? Do you read a lot? Researchers from Emory University have proven that reading the book increases the level of intelligence. Whenever you read, you train your brain. Each time it creates new connections to save the newly obtained information. Studies have shown that people who read or write a lot have lower rate of decrease in mental activity than those who rarely train their brain. When you read, you come across new words that are not commonly used in everyday speech. If a word is unfamiliar to you, it is not necessary to look for it in the dictionary. Sometimes the meaning of the word can be understood from the overall content of the text. Reading not only helps to increase your word-stock, but also increases the overall literacy of a person. Reading develops your writing skills. While reading you may unintentionally adopt the style and manner of the author of the writing. As well as listening to music can affect the style of a musician, the writer affect the writing abilities of the reader of his works.

Work, evening classes and other things make you postpone reading for later.  As a result, the right moment never comes. If this is about you, take a look at these recommendations. Perhaps they will help you find the time and energy to read books.

When there is no book at hand, read on your smartphone

Paper books do not hurry to take a back seat to spite the progress. The smell of the ink, the rustle of pages and the feeling of paper in the hands still outweigh the advantages of e-books in the minds of most readers. Nevertheless, digital texts are more suitable for the modern pace of life.  Having a smartphone means carrying a library in your pocket, so you can always spend a free minute to read a book. Are you standing in a long queue? Are you stuck in the subway or waiting for a friend? All these situations give you more possibilities to read. Unlike paper books, digital texts are always at hand.

Moreover, buying e-books, you do not spend time and effort on shopping at bookstores or problems with delivery services. Only a few clicks on your phone or laptop, and the book is already downloaded to your smartphone. When you spend less time on purchasing a new book, you have more time and motivation to read. A wide range of books is available in online stores; some of them provide books for free. You can also upload applications on your smartphone and use it everywhere even offline.

Read non-fiction summary

Reading short summary of a fine literature is pointless because the main idea is to reveal the author's interpretation of the text. But when we talk about scientific and business literature, we realize that the whole point lies in the ideas and does not depend on the form of presentation. But if you want to save more time on reading, it would be reasonable to opt for the bite-sized insights. They are often called summary. Nowadays, you can easily find online libraries, which offer shortened versions of the popular books, for example Blinkist.

If you cannot read, listen to audio books

If you cannot find time and energy to read books, then try to listen to them. The advantage of this method is that it can be easily combined with a bunch of other activities, such as walking in the park, cooking and driving a car. We often hear about the prejudice against audiobooks as though perceiving information by ear is more difficult and voices of the reciters can distort the emotions of the main characters. But, believe me, you will change your attitude after the first audio book. It is convenient, easy and interesting way to read a book. In fact, monitoring the audio stream in a music player is not as complicated as it may seem. It is the same thing as turning over the leafs of the book. Moreover, getting used to the voice of the reciter is not so difficult too. In addition, popular books are often available in different voice records to fit every taste. This factor is less important for non-fiction books.

Practice speed-reading

Another alternative to read more books is reading them faster. People have already invented special techniques of information perception, which, according to some reports, could speed up the reading process in 3-4 times. Reading faster using these techniques does not imply that you will not remember the text. The use of these techniques is called speed reading. Supporters of this method offer a great variety of educational materials, such as books and practical training programs that explain how to digest the text faster. But there are also critics who say that the advantages of speed reading are rather exaggerated. Any way, you can learn a few techniques to draw your own conclusions. For example, try to find a website that offers a free course on speed reading.

Choose new books wisely

To read all pieces of literature is an impossible challenge. If you have little time, don’t hurry up and choose books scrupulously. The variety of them is so great that the reader just cannot do without help, such as book reviews in the news media. Unfortunately, nowadays media do not pay enough attention to literary criticism and review websites are almost gone. Then, how can we find literary masterpieces that cut to the heart or make the brain work? Recommendation services can help us to find a worthy book. They create ratings based on assessments of professional critics or real users. Of course, tastes differ and positive reviews cannot guarantee that you will like the book. It is better to consider these recommendations as useful suggestions that may help you to make the right choice. GoodReads and  iDreamBooks will help you to find a perfect match. Following advices of you will be able to increase the number of the read over books. Our professional editors work hard to provide more tips and learning advices for you.