How to write a breathtaking text: 7 safe and proven methods


Write a breathtaking text

One of the most profound and common mistakes about creative writing is that many perceive it as something sent down from heaven, something, which cannot be learned or obtained. This myth is successfully supported by the authors themselves since it tickles their vanity and gives a feeling of having been chosen. In fact, this is completely wrong meaning. In any type of art, 90 percent of success consists of work and perseverance, and only the remaining 10% depends on talent.  Any person having a desire can learn how to write not genius, but quite good texts, which will capture reader’s attention from the first line and keep him interested until the final point. Especially, if you follow easy tips, which our professional writers want to share with you in this article.  

1. Capture reader’s attention from the first phrase

This is one of the most important tasks but at the same the most difficult one. The first sentence of your text should capture reader’s attention as a hook honed to perfection. However, do not push yourself too hard, otherwise, your reader can be disappointed by the middle of your text.

There are some good examples to start your text with:

  • Ask a leading question – “Do you know the distinction between editing and proofreading?”
  • Start with a quotation – “Toni Morrison once said: “If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
  • Provide statistics – “According to research, 99% of bloggers experience a periodically writer's block!”
  • Tell a story – “Recently I felt like Ernest Hemingway. I set by the typewriter and began to write.”

2. Evaluate each of your sentences.

And it’s not about spelling at all. You can write with a great number of mistakes, but create outstanding texts that make readers cry and laugh, or vice versa.

The most important task is to keep reader’s attention. Today, the Internet offers so many sources of information, and the transition between them is so easy, that the slightest hitch in the dynamics of your story will lead to leaving on other web-pages.

Therefore, try to flesh out your words with something that can be interesting and useful for your readers. The best way to check it is to read your text to another person. As soon as you notice that his eyes are wandering and he is distracted, it is a sign that you should improve your text.

3. Write short sentences.

The trend to write long and intricate sentences has already passed and remained somewhere in the nineteenth century when the time was leisurely, and people were thoughtful. Nowadays, the pace of life is compressed to the limit, and people do not have much time to read long narratives. A good way to check is to read your text aloud. If you cannot pronounce a sentence in one breath, then it is necessary to cut it or break it down into a few simple ones.

4. Keep it simple.

Of course, sometimes you feel a desire to create something special and smart. Quench this and never overwhelm your text with an excessive amount of scientific, professional or slang terms.Nobody will go to find out the meaning of incomprehensible words, just close the page and go somewhere else.

5. Play with analogies.

“A text in a blog or somewhere else is like a date. You can make a good impression on the first date, but then you will have to prove again and again that you are worthy of attention. The reader is your lover, remember that.”

Well, something like this.

6. Make your text unique, even if your idea is trite.

Let’s be honest: create something brand new is almost impossible nowadays. If you Google your bright and new idea, you will find thousands of results online. Someone has already written about it. What can you do now?

Fins a fresh perspective. If the Internet is full of articles about the benefits of freelancing, then write an article about its disadvantages.

7. Make an effective ending.

When the introduction part is finished and the main idea is revealed in the main body, it is high time to move to the conclusion. Sometimes it is as difficult to write as an introductory part. Usually, in the conclusion, we repeat the main topic of the text in a brief manner. But it can be very boring and mediocre.

It would be much more interesting if you follow the methods of the detective authors, who tend to reveal the secret in the last sentences. Add dynamics to your conclusion by an unexpected question, a controversial conclusion, or an original interpretation of the meaning of the article. Do everything possible to ensure that the reader does not remain indifferent and passive.

Our professional writers from GetEssayEditor are sure that these tips will help you to write an outstanding text. Your essays will be noticed and remarkable. Of course, there are much more tips that can help you to improve your writing skills. Feel free to contact us and our experts will help you with your writing assignments.

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