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Have you already finished collecting data for your research, written an outline and important notes? Have you already shown your outline to a supervisor? Was it confirmed? If yes, be set to write your dissertation. Do you hesitate what to start with? Do you know how to write a first draft without revisions? We have consulted our dissertation editors and created a list of advices for you.  

Our experts know secrets how to write a worthy dissertation or thesis paper. But do not think that if you follow only our tips, you will get an A+. Always consult with your supervisor and take his advices. These steps definitely give you a chance to get a high score and satisfactory results. Remember that dissertation is written in accordance with the guidelines and specific requirements, which are provided by a certain University.

Components of a worthy dissertation

  • A well-written dissertation has a broad outline and substantial research.
  • It is a good factor of student’s potential and skills in a particular scientific scope and his ability to put knowledge to use.
  • To write a good dissertation you should set an objective point and accurate thesis statement.
  • It should include an introduction, discussion, analysis of data, descriptions and examples.
  • The reference list should be properly formatted in accordance with a certain Referencing style (APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard).
  • Only academic language should be used in dissertation writing.
  • The structure of the dissertation should correspond to the grading rubric or samples provided by University.

All in all, you should remember that dissertation is the most important part of your educational process. It shows the bundle of knowledge that student acquired from the course and his capacity to write an academic paper.

Taboos in dissertation writing

Students, who have not put many efforts during the course and possess little knowledge, usually write poor dissertations:

  • The title and outline are rather vague or even absent.
  • Absence of profound preliminary research makes it questionable and unreadable.
  • Theoretical part and description usually prevail the analysis and practical chapter.
  • References at the end of the paper may not correspond to the in-text citations. Formatting and dissertation structure do not satisfy general requirements.
  • May include plagiarism from outside sources that are probably not credible.  

Such dissertation does not show you off and may be considered as a custom written paper. Professor may think that you were not attentive during the classes and do not have knowledge.

5 tips to create a worthy dissertation

1.Give thought to the TOPIC of your dissertation. Dissertation writing greatly differs from an essay that is why topic should be discussed and agreed with your professor. The topic may be refined during a few weeks before the paper submission. The topic of a dissertation or a thesis paper is more broad and specific.

2.Broad OUTLINE helps you to map out your writing process. Dissertation ranks #1 in your student life, it shows your abilities and obtained knowledge. That is why you should break a sweat to make it logical and noteworthy. To get a high score, each part of dissertation should be submitted on time and without delay. It is important, because you will get an opportunity to make necessary changes after consultation with your supervisor. Thus, you get more chances to receive a high grade and improve on the weak points of your writing. A supervisor can provide you credible sources, tips on proper referencing and formatting. If you are planning to include a worksheet for your dissertation, schedule your time to receive enough responses beforehand. Feel free to ask for professional help if you do not want to distract your professor. Dissertation editor will assist you not only with proper formatting and referencing, but also with content and word choice. With professional dissertation editing service, you will have enough time to learn theories and concepts.

3.Dissertation STRUCTURE should correspond to the academic rules. Each sentence must be edited and proofread either by you or by a professional editor.

The essential sections of dissertation:

Cover page – the first page which contains your full name, date of submission, course/group number, professor’s name and university;

Abstract – summary page of the main idea of your paper’

Acknowledgements – a page to give thanks to your supervisor and people who have assisted you in writing process;

Table of contents – is a broad outline to your paper;

Introduction - is an essential part of a written paper where you outline your thesis statement and present a short overview;

Main body – is a main part of your dissertation. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. It includes information about the topic, discussion, assessment, main arguments, records, analysis, etc.

Conclusion - is a page where you sum up your findings and pop the question about further investigations. Remember to state why your research is so important and innovative.

Bibliography – a page to list references to the books and articles that were used in your dissertation. Check if in-text citations match the reference list. The formatting of the document should be edited in accordance with the chosen referencing style.

Appendices – is a part to include graphs, maps, statistics, sheets if necessary.

One of the most important chapters are literature review, methodology, and summary. Remember, that direct citations should not exceed 30% of the whole text.  

4.Dissertation CONTENT. Every student should realize that dissertation is an academic paper. Scholars tend to make innovative investigations and describe it in academic works. Of course, students do not have enough knowledge to discover new theories in the dissertation. But, the main requirement is to show your ability to use obtained knowledge and skills in practice.

Professors always want you to show an ability to carry out a scientific survey in your professional sphere. You should be able to find information, apply it and provide your conclusion. The most awful mistake is to conduct a research and fail with analysis part. To satisfy professor’s requirements students have to carry out a research, describe findings, analyze it and make a coherent conclusion.  

  • Avoid phrasal verbs and colloquial language. Keep academic style of writing.
  • Be concise and clear.
  • Do not use personal pronouns. Use “the author” instead of “I, he, she, we, my”.
  • Do not try to conduct a flawless research. Write down weak and strong points of your investigation, compare and contrast them.
  • Proofread your text to check punctuation, spelling and formatting.
  • End your writing process with editing, check stylistics, grammatical mistakes and the sentence structure.

One of the best ways to detect the smallest mistakes is to read a dissertation aloud. Sometimes it is easier to hear a wrong sentence than to see it. Ask your friends or parents to help you or apply to professional dissertation editing services online.

Paragraphs should be sequential and contain no less than two sentences. All figures, sheets, questionnaires, tables, and maps should be mentioned in appendices. Remember that referencing list/bibliography should be arranged in alphabetical order. 

5.In-text CITATIONS and REFERENCE LIST must be provided to prove that content is not plagiarized. Remember that properly cited sentence is not considered as plagiarized one. Plagiarism may be a reason for expulsion from the university. That is why everyone should be attentive and know how to cite an information duly.

The authenticity of facts is a basics for a strong survey. If you do not know how to quote an information from outside sources, you may be accused of plagiarism. That is why if it recommended to study referencing styles before starting academic writing. Dissertation requires the knowledge of Harvard referencing style in most cases. You can talk to your professor or find guidelines online. Do not hesitate to contact our dissertation editors if you are in doubt about the proper use of quotations. Small number of citations may be a sign of poor research. But do not come it too strong. Over 30% of quotations are not acceptable in academic writing.

Remember, dissertation writing is very difficult and time-consuming work. If you feel tired or exhausted, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of our professional dissertation writing and editing service. You are welcome to Contact us in Live Chat and consult with our support agents.