7 works of classic American literature

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The American classical literature reflects the eternal truths that have universal significance. It is believed that every educated person should read these works of literature. “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville. “But Ahab never thinks; he only feels, feels, feels; THAT'S tingling enough for mortal man! to think's audacity. God only has that right and privilege. Thinking is, or ought to be, a coolness and a calmness; and our poor hearts throb, and our poor brains beat too much Continue reading

10 rules for effective reading

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How to read books effectively? How could you know that the book deserves your attention? How to remember what you have read for a long time? Editor from, a service that provides online writing and editing assistance for students, shares with us tips on how to read books effectively. 1. Your reading list When it comes to books, most people feel a strange mixture of greed and apathy. We like to buy the books, store them up on the shelves, but do not always read them. A huge Continue reading

Edit my English: How to write an essay conclusion properly?

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Writing a conclusion is not just an explanation of the main idea of your essay briefly. It is more difficult than it seems, because conclusion is the final step of an English essay writing and author may feel tired and exhausted by the end of the writing process. Students do not usually understand the importance of the conclusion. However, conclusion is an essential part of an essay since it creates the most impressive effect on the reader. This part should be persuasive and significant, so that Continue reading

Is it possible to replace cardio exercise by yoga?

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Yoga can be very different: a slow and recovering, or intensive and fast. When the movements rapidly flow into one another, and you try to synchronize them with your breathing, yoga turns into a real cardio. This is what we are going to tell you. Our editors often work with texts connected with healthy lifestyle and yoga is very popular now.  Try a 90-minute workout on the Vinyasa Yoga: your breathing and heart rate quickens, the sweat begins to flow down the face and hands – Continue reading

What to read during the winter holidays: 10 graphic novels

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If you are tired of the noisy New Year's parties, and do not want to leave the house in your deserved day off, then this article is created for you. Editors from online editing service chose graphic novels for you, which will be interesting to read on a vacation. 1. “Seconds” by Bryan Lee O'Malley The main character of the novel is Katie – a pretty, young, talented and expert chef. Once, she opened a restaurant with her friends called Continue reading

Yoga for better digestion

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In this article we will help you to recover from Christmas holidays and get stronger before the new term. GetEssayEditor’s team will talk about yoga for those who want to help their stomach to recover from excess amount of food eaten during Christmas holidays and New Year night. To get rid of the consequences of overeating during New Year’s night, it is not necessary to swallow handfuls of pills. The founder of the ‘Yoga Medicine’ Tiffany Cruikshank offers some simple Continue reading

Editor online: Top 10 Grammar Mistakes

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For this post, we decided to create a list of the most common 10 mistakes that you should avoid while editing your essays or research papers for University or College. We hope that you have already followed our advices and chosen the best essay editor onlinefor all your assignments.  Our editors are always ready to provide you with top-notch service. Having years of experience in academic editing, we gained deep knowledge in this sphere that is why we want to share it with you, in case if Continue reading

Edit my paper: Who Are Copyeditors?

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In the previous article we have already spoken about Essay Editing and What Editors Do. We all know that there are experts who may help you avoid time-consuming grammar learning process and verify your paper instead of you. Who are these people? Of course, paper editing service is a quite new thing on the Internet, but all students know that this profession is called copyeditor. Let us share our experience and knowledge in the field of paper editing with you. Let’s go deeper into Continue reading

What to eat during the autumn and winter to be in the shape

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It is not a secret that winter exams negatively influence students’ health and nutrition. That is why GetEssayEditor’s team tells how to choose the right strategy for nutrition during the fall and winter to get ready for exams. Gain weight to slim down Cold season is in full play and we have put on extra clothes and coats. All people mentally prepared for the winter season. What does this all mean? This means that you can relax and eat a little bit more cakes to gain weight. Continue reading

How to proofread my paper: basic rules

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Proofreading is a careful verification of the written text in order to find and delete any kind of mistakes in punctuation, grammar, structure, style and spelling. Our editors from have already shared several advices on essay proofreading and resume proofreading. Here are some tips from paper proofreading service: What to do before proofreading What to pay attention to when proofreading papers What to do when you want to learn more about paper proofreader   What Continue reading