Modern woman writers, who certainly worth reading


Do you have problems with English grammar? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Start reading! Read a lot. In the following post, we are going to talk about women who became essential part of the modern literature. People usually talk about great writers much more often than about authoress. Female writers are often associated with “chick-lit”. It is definitely unfair - modern literature would not be remarkable without prominent woman writers. decided ...Continue reading

Tips how to proofread your resume like a professional


Use resume proofreading service — boost your careerJob search is an exciting period for a contemporary student. It could be successful or unfortunate, lengthy or short, independent or supported by proofreading services. The career is at stake. Thus, one should consider all means and ways to get the best vacancy. The modern world opens new opportunities for this purpose, mainly in the virtual sphere. Take our editing service, for instance. Wherever you are, our specialist can ...Continue reading

Rules and usage of prepositions in English


English grammar is a hard nut to crack. Nobody says it would be easy to learn it. But you can always rely on professional help. We have already attempted to study Most Important Grammar Rules and learned some information about Adverbs.  Now, it is a high time to come over to the preposition. Definition: The preposition is defined as a part of speech, which state the correlation between an object, a pronoun or a noun and other words in a sentence. As a rule, a word/ noun/ pronoun goes ...Continue reading

Improve your dissertation using online editing services


Dissertation help online: recommended to useStudent life is not easy, especially when it comes to the final step of the educational process – dissertation. Students have to provide a plenty of work in order to get a worthy rating. Of course, the final grade totally depends on thesis. If you want to show good results and receive a recommendation from your professor, you should consider an option of applying to custom dissertation editing services. It may help you to achieve ...Continue reading

Most Important Grammar Rules Everyone Should Know


Most college students find it difficult to master writing skills due to the lack of knowledge in English grammar. The following essay will attempt to clarify the most important grammar rules that every student should learn to be able to express thoughts clearly and with much skill. As a rule, it is not enough to share some unusual ideas with the audience or write a fascinating story. Writers should be diligent in their creative work, and this requires good knowledge of English grammar. The ...Continue reading

Online PROOF READING services today


In the previous articles we have already spoken about 10 Tips For Dissertation Proofreading for Students and Resume proofreading . Now that you know the types of proofreading, you must learn how to find a proof reading website that you can use to proofread your written copy. Nowadays, there are a great number of proof reading services online, but not all of them work in good faith. Most of them are created to earn money, some of them work only with freelance proof editors. It is very ...Continue reading

Grammar Schools: Pros and Cons


Grammar schools are the state educational establishments in the UK. The characteristic feature of grammar schools is the process of selection. Pupils in such schools are selected on the basis of their educational achievements after passing an exam at the end of the last year of primary school. This exam is known as 11-plus and is aimed at determining which students will get a place in the grammar school. Nowadays, the debate over such selective education still continues. The following essay will ...Continue reading

Common Cover Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid


A well-written cover letter is an indication to the future employers that you have mastered the major points of self-expression. A cover letter is supposed to demonstrate that you are qualified for the given position. If a cover letter is written well, the recipient will most definitely read your CV. On the other hand, a poorly written cover letter will decrease your chances for success. The current paper will analyze the most common mistakes that all job seekers can accidentally make. These ...Continue reading

Popular Grammar Myths You Probably Don’t Know


Even though it is hard to achieve perfection in everything we do, correct spelling and grammar play a significant role in various spheres of human life, including marketing, business and education. The use of correct grammar constructions can help to make the content of one’s writing more credible, and this eventually influences the overall performance of a person. However, there is much misunderstanding regarding the use of correct grammar. It is often hard to tell which grammar ...Continue reading

English Grammar: How to Use Adverbs


Good grammar and writing go hand in hand and cannot exist without one another. To improve your grammar you need to practice writing as much as possible, because only by applying your knowledge you will be able to learn and memorize anything. And it its turn, quality writing is impossible without good grammar. Whether you are a high school or college student, there must be a lot of situations when you have to express yourself on writing. It can be a term paper, a thesis, a research paper or a ...Continue reading