Most Important Grammar Rules Everyone Should Know


Most college students find it difficult to master writing skills due to the lack of knowledge in English grammar. The following essay will attempt to clarify the most important grammar rules that every student should learn to be able to express thoughts clearly and with much skill. As a rule, it is not enough to share some unusual ideas with the audience or write a fascinating story. Writers should be diligent in their creative work, and this requires good knowledge of English grammar. The content of one’s writing is as important as the way the language is used. Poor grammar knowledge is a significant distraction for every student who has been tasked with doing a writing assignment. However, if you can write a captivating story, your audience will most likely not pay attention to the grammatical mistakes. But at the same time, each error or incorrect grammatical construction will divert your readers what you are writing about. Therefore, this will result in a poorly written paper, which will have a negative impression on your readers. Here are some basic grammar rules that will help you to expand knowledge and learn to write more skillfully. Don’t forget that good craftsmanship of a writer implies not just knowing the grammar rules, but also making good word choice and creating smooth sentences so as not to make your paper confusing or even awkward. You will easily manage to make your essay or some other piece of writing strong and vibrant, if you learn the following grammar rules and use them in practice.

  1. The first rule is related to punctuation in English language, namely commas, which are the most frequently used punctuation mark that is at the same time often misused. It is quite tricky to use commas correctly, because there are not enough punctuation rules on this matter. Therefore, the use of commas heavily relies on the style of writing. In poorly written papers, there are either too many or too little commas. You should learn to be consistent in the use of commas in order to find a balance and write correctly.
  2. Another grammar rule that is often misused by young writers is related to verb tense. The issue of tense requires a whole article or even a whole grammar book. There are many tenses in English apart from past, present or future, and these tenses are also worth knowing. You should be cautious in order not to mix up the simple past tense (e.g. I studied overnight) and past perfect tense (e.g. I had studied overnight). This is a common mistake for many students and this error can be avoided if to learn more about the use of both tenses and apply this knowledge in practice. This will help you to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. Although the use of tenses is among the trickiest English grammar rules, it should be mastered to learn how to write correctly.
  3. The next rule deals with the proper use of adjectives and adverbs. For instance, people do not walk quick; they walk quickly. In the first example, “quick” is an adjective, while in the second, it is an adverb. You should remember that adverbs are used to modify English verbs, while adjectives are usually used to modify nouns. This simple rule will ensure that you write correctly and don’t mix up the instances when either adjectives or adverbs should be used. Make sure that you remember this grammar rule, which will guarantee your success in writing career.
  4. Another tricky grammar rule is related to the use of homophones. These are the words that are often left unnoticed by the editors. Many students are not taught how homophones should be used. This means that most youngsters do not know the definitions and spellings of these words and use them randomly. For instance, a common set of such words includes “they’re, there and their”. Besides, homophones can take a form of more elaborated words such as “compliment” and “complement”. In order to succeed in writing, students should know the definitions and proper usage of these words and it is also important to proofread the paper and check it for misspellings. This will guarantee success in the field of academic writing.
  5. The next rule deals with the use of rare and unusual punctuation marks. Many students do not take these marks seriously, which is a grave mistake as their improper use can divert readers from what you are writing about. If you choose to use such punctuation marks as three dots (ellipsis) or semicolon, you should make sure that you know perfectly well how to use them properly so as not to mix up the rules and make errors that will cost you a high grade for the paper.
  6. One more grammar rule every student should memorize is the matching of subject and verb. The rule goes like this: the subject in the sentence should match the verb for the sentence to be correct. Because of verb conjugation, this rule is especially difficult for students who are not native English-speakers. A common mistake is revealed in the following example: “He have three children.” The verb “have” does not match the subject of the sentence. The correct version would be “He has three children.”
  7. It is also important to remember that only proper nouns should be capitalized in English language. Some people think that it is possible to capitalize any kind of words that they want to emphasize. This is especially peculiar for business communication. For instance, “Discounts for Products are currently available”. Grammatically, this sentence is not correct. That is why you should be cautious with capitalizing words and remember that not all words you consider important should be capitalized.

To conclude, if you memorize these simple grammar rules, you will not have any problems writing papers or completing any other writing assignments. English grammar plays an important role in the quality of one’s writing. That is why you should pay special attention not only to what you write, but also to how you express your thoughts.

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