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In the previous article we have already spoken about Essay Editing and What Editors DoWe all know that there are experts who may help you avoid time-consuming grammar learning process and verify your paper instead of you. Who are these people? Of course, paper editing service is a quite new thing on the Internet, but all students know that this profession is called copyeditor. Let us share our experience and knowledge in the field of paper editing with you.

Let’s go deeper into this topic and review the most important questions:

  1. What is copyediting?
  2. What do paper editors do?
  3. What does online paper editor not do?

According to Merriam Webster, “Copy editor is a person whose job is to prepare a book, newspaper, etc., for printing by making sure the words are correct”. 

Generally, copyediting is a process when a professional editor reviews and verifies your text and makes it ready for printing or submission at the University. The main goal of a paper editor is to check the word flow and make sure that content is easy readable and coherent, free of any mistake (including punctuation, spelling and grammar errors), accurately written and well-structured.

An experienced paper editor may help you to convey your thoughts into text in a proper manner. He will help you to make your paper readable and understandable for everyone. A copy editing process starts with checking your content, overall structure and word choice. A specialist ensures that your content corresponds to the chosen topic and is complete.  All paragraphs should be similar to the outline or table of contents. An editor will help you to choose and follow the necessary referencing style.  He will add or remove in-text citations and quotations if needed. He will verify your referencing list and make sure that everything is logic and correct.

Working with a professional online editor your written document will be examined by means of checking grammar, style, word choice, sentence structure punctuation and proper usage of citations. An editor may also improve your content deleting irrelevant excerpts or long confusing sentences, exclamation marks or passive voice. An expert starts from checking every sentence and end with checking your paper word by word.

Being online paper editor is rather difficult task. The main targets include:

  • Length of the written paper. A paper editor should verify the length of the paper (if it is too short or too long?). An editor can suggest you to reduce the number of words, or add important information since every professor/journal/book specifies a specific number of pages.
  • Plagiarism verification. An expert should check your quotations and make sure that you did not plagiarize anything. He should ensure that your text is free of any signs of obscenity and racism.
  • Correctness of the written document. The main goal of a professional editor is to verify whether your manuscript makes sense or not? Whether each paragraph corresponds to the table of contents? Whether every in-text citation or quotation matches the list of references?
  • Word expressions and usage of language. A professional editor examines the word choice. He should make sure that: the paper is coherent and understandable for an average reader; an author uses abbreviation and terms properly; all terms are explained correctly; a writer uses academic style and tone in the paper. All these aspects will be corrected if your paper is edited by a specialist.
  • Coherency of the written paper. An editor  makes sure that every sentence is coherent. The paragraphs of the text should not go against each other. All tables, sheets and graphs should be conforming.  Cross-references must be used in due course.
  • Pictures and graphs. All images should be unique or cited. An editor will make certain that an author does not use illustrations that are out of context. Editors recommend using graphs and pictures that were created on your own to avoid problems with plagiarism.
  • Overall structure. Online editors check if all parts of the text are used within the content. An editor will tell you what materials should be included in the appendix, and what to include in the main body. An expert knows that all terms must be explained in glossary at the end of the paper.

Above mentioned targets constitute only primary tasks of a professional editor. However, when purchasing online editing you should remember that a paper editor will not:

-provide additional writing;

-make additional research;

-add cover page and reference list;

-rewrite the whole paper to avoid plagiarism.

In order to provide a thorough editing the knowledge of English grammar should be at the highest level. Not all students possess this knowledge. If you feel that paper editing is not your cup of tea, you should not waste your time any more. If you feel that you have problems with learning grammar and punctuation rules, but you have good writing skills you may easily pay for online editing and get your written manuscript edited by a real professional.

GetEssayEditor offers professional academic assistance. We are always ready to edit your text and improve its quality. Thus, your paper will be ready for publishing and submission.

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