Yoga for better digestion


In this article we will help you to recover from Christmas holidays and get stronger before the new term. GetEssayEditor’s team will talk about yoga for those who want to help their stomach to recover from excess amount of food eaten during Christmas holidays and New Year night.

To get rid of the consequences of overeating during New Year’s night, it is not necessary to swallow handfuls of pills. The founder of the ‘Yoga Medicine’ Tiffany Cruikshank offers some simple ways to help with digestion. There are 3 tips that will help you keep in fit after holidays:

  1. Do pranayama before you are going to eat your dinner.

Give 5-10 minutes before a meal for breathing exercises. This will allow your nervous system to switch to eating regime. This practice is especially useful if you are experiencing bad or negative emotions.

Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Begin to breathe deeply and slowly: inhale counting to 4, exhale counting to 4. Once the breathing rhythm becomes comfortable for you, gradually slow exhalation to 8 counts. Perform 3-5 breathing cycles in such a rhythm. Then switch to your normal breathing rhythm and sit still for a couple of seconds.

For beginners, it may take several minutes to get used to the rhythm of breathing. But the more you practice, the faster your nervous system will adapt to it.

  1. Do not eat too fast.

Digestion process begins even before food get to your mouth. Scents and thoughts induce the salivary glands to produce enzymes, while stomach and pancreas start the production of acid and digestive enzymes.

If we eat too fast, some of the processes may be disturbed, as a result - the process is broken. Thus, we lose useful nutrients and get heaviness in the stomach, as well as overeating.  Conscious approach to the food consumption will help to help extract the maximum benefit from it. This is a very simple practice, but it is very easy to forget about it. Look at what you are going to eat. Feel the smell. Eat by small portions and pieces. Slowly chew food, enjoy the taste and all its shades. You will enjoy your dinner and eat as much as necessary, because congestion signals will have time to pass the way from the digestive system to the brain.

  1. Stimulate digestion.

Position #1

This pose facilitates your digestion. It is better to perform it between meals. In addition, you can use a small blanket or rolled towel to make it thicker. Put the rolled towel or pad across the carpet and lay down on your stomach. Place a pillow under your head, relax your body and begin to breathe through your stomach. During the inhale, gently push the roller by your stomach, and try to relax during the exhale. Make this exercise for 2-5 minutes, then remove the blanket and relax.

If you feel very uncomfortable during breathing, reduce the diameter of the roller pad.

Position #2

It is better to perform this exercise when your stomach empty and you are still hungry. You will need a blanket folded into rectangle. Sit on the floor in a position where your right hip is near blanket, draw together your knees. Enfold the blanket with your hands and lay down. Put your head on the blanket (it should be turned into the same direction as your knees and chest). Make several deep breaths in and out to relax completely, and stay on the floor for 3-5 minutes more. Then repeat same exercise on the other side.

Yoga is very important for students. In order to succeed in school or University, all students need to have focus, concentration, confidence, and relieve from stress before exams and tests. Yoga helps students acquire these qualities and what is very important - to boost immunity and improve their health. From the large number of yoga exercises, it is better choose the most effective and simple ones.

Knowledge and movement of the body are interconnected. Our life is in movement, our future is knowledge.

- the breathing exercises improve the supply of cerebral cortex with oxygen, increases the concentration;

- an exercise “Ha breathing” preserves emotional balance when we are faced with unpleasant events;

- “The roller” posture strengthens the memory;

- “Plow Pose” (halasana) stimulates the activity of the brain;

- Exercise for strengthening of nerves strengthens the nervous system, gives self-confidence when communicating;

- “Mudra Pose” and “Cobra” help to improve concentration, as includes a special breath holding which has a beneficial effect on the internal organs;

- “Viparita Karani” posture and “Sarvaganasana” improve eyesight, hearing, have beneficial effect on the brain and circulatory system. These two postures are considered to be one of the best yoga asanas, because they have a huge positive effect;

- “Shavasana” gives a complete rest for the nervous system;

- The contemplative pose (develops positive emotions) is an indispensable and necessary exercise, it was used in early studies as a preparatory posture. Effect: gives a calm mental and emotional state, good sense of humor, patience and determination, neutralizes negative feelings.

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Dear students and other visitors, we sincerely hope that this article will be useful for you and will open the door to an exciting world of yoga. Out team of editors hopes that these exercises will be helpful not only for digestion, but for better studying. You can repeat these exercises before doing your homework to be in a good mood and make your brain work better. If you still feel difficulties with your homework, our team of professional editors is always ready to assist you.

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