Things you should avoid in academic writing


When the essay/ dissertation/ research paper is written, you may feel totally exhausted and almost dead. You can hardly find any strengths to continue working on your paper and proceed to proofreading part. Needless to say, but the best and the easiest way to improve your written document is to contact online custom essay proofreader. Thus, you will be able to have some rest while experts work on your assignment. There is a great number of online essay proofreaders on the Web and is known as the most reliable one. We have a friendly staff and all our team members have perfect proofreading skills. They have years of experience in this sphere and in academic proofreading. That is why we created this website to share our knowledge with students, who struggle with academic writing and lack practice in proofreading.

Our expert editors have almost 10 years of practice in academic writing/ editing/ proofreading and have already verified over millions texts. Having strong knowledge, they have described the most common mistakes students must avoid in writing.

1.Usage of long/complex sentences. Try to keep to a minimum the number of complex sentences in your text. Long, complex and clumsy sentences may overwhelm your essay and make it incoherent. Academic standards does not imply usage of unreadable sentences and awkward words. Make it easy, do not confuse your reader. Do not use too much misleading words and phrases, because you should achieve simplicity and preciseness. 

2. Passive voice is considered to be the enemy number one of academic writing. It is necessary to decrease the number of passive voice sentences in order to make your text readable and comprehensible.

3. Use of scientific terms and style. Do not overwhelm your content with sophisticated phrases instead of ordinary words. Remove colloquial language, slang and casual language. The writer’s task is to convey the key message of the author and maintain thesis statement.

4. Excessive usage of footnotes may play a low-down trick with you. Professors will not give you an A for a paper full of footnotes. Pay attention to your formatting and content.

5. Plagiarism and quotations. The information that is not cited in a proper manner is considered as plagiarism. If you want to use someone’s ideas or thoughts to support your text, you should learn the rules for writing and Referencing styles. You should be ready to add at least three in-text citations per page. All citations must correspond to the references at the end of your paper work.

These are only FIVE most widespread mistakes every student should learn and avoid in University writing. However, if you know that you lack practice and skills in writing, you should not be afraid to seek for professional help online. Proofreading your essay online is easy and fast. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us. If you have already made up your mind, register on our website and provide your personal information. It won’t take more than 5 minutes. Then, place a new order and fill in the order form. Do not forget to upload your text for the writer and give overall expectations. After you finished with ordering process, you should proceed with payment. Note that we have a system of discounts for our new and returning customers. To get a discount code, contact our Customer Support Representatives in Live Chat and they will tell you your personal discount. After the order is paid, Admin will start verifying process and will choose an expert in your field to proofread your text. From this moment on, you may sit back in your chair and relax. Our team will work on your order. Proofread/ edited paper will be delivered to your email within/ or before the deadline. Thus, you will have additional time to look through correction and learn from your own mistakes.

Students usually mess up editing with proofreading and think that there is no difference between them. But it is not correct. It depends on your requirements and the number of errors in the text. Do you want to change the flow and the style of your written text? Do you need to check punctuation marks only? Professional Editors claim that if a document is already written and even edited, it still has to be proofread by an expert.

Editors work with overall word flow and your style. They have a right to delete unnecessary experts or add relevant information. At the same time, proofreaders work only with punctuation and grammar.

We provide two kinds of services to improve your text:

  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading

What is editing?

Editing - is a creative process, when the texts are improved and transformed, they become literate, euphonious for a native speaker, convenient and easy to read. This service includes not only the correction of spelling, grammar, syntax errors, and so on, but also formatting and style.

Also, you can order Rewriting service – paraphrasing of the written text with the original meaning being preserved.

What is proofreading?

Typically proofreading is used to check the text after the editing has been completed. This is the final stage of verification of the text.

Under proofreading, we understand correction of the grammar, syntax and punctuation mistakes (typos, omissions of letters, punctuation marks, etc.). Its purpose lies in detection and correction of slight errors, excluding heavy rewriting or expansion.

We are happy to provide you our professional assistance and consultation. We will help you to get rid of problems with proofreading of your articles before publication. If you want to work with professionals – CONTACT in Online Chat and our Support Representatives will adress all your concerns.