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In the previous post, we offered you advices for dissertation writing and tips how to improve your thesis. However, the majority of students lack imagination and need more tips and hints on how to create even a simple essay that will help not to fail the grade. Therefore, we asked the writers from to create a list of proofreading tips for this article. Hope you will get benefits!

It is not a secret that a student can be detected by a certain style of writing and personal approach. Same thing works for all authors and professional writers.  That is why we have asked our experts to share several advices on how to proofread and create a well-written and flawless essay.

  Most often students have to struggle with Five-paragraph essays - “is a format of essay having five paragraphs: one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs with support and development, and one concluding paragraph. Because of this structure, it is also known as a hamburger essay, one three one, or a three-tier essay”. Why do students call it a “hamburger essay”? If you look at the 5 paragraph essay, you will notice that Introductory part and Conclusion are almost the same, while the primary information is put between them. The “middle” of a 5 paragraph essay is called the Main Body. Students often compare it to a hamburger, because they compare Introduction and Conclusion to buns and Main Body, which includes key information, to the ham.

Hamburger essay structure has 5 paragraphs:

1 - Introduction

2, 3, 4 - body paragraphs

5 - conclusion

GetEssayEditor is one of the most popular essay proofreading services among students. Working with different essays is an everyday routine for an essay proofreader. It was not difficult to share some advices of a well-written essays and tips how to proofread them. If you follow these recommendations, you will be able to write and proofread your essay without any troubles.

First and foremost, choose an appropriate topic of your essay. It should be understandable and concise. While proofreading your essay pay attention whether your topic corresponds to its content. A good proofreader should work with the whole text, starting from the very beginning (topic) and up to the last sentence (conclusion).

Then, check your whole paper for plagiarism. Since it is a serious violation of University rules, it is strictly punished! In order to avoid plagiarism use only credible sources and cite them. You may use library sources, search for academic databases on the Internet or find scholarly resources. All references must be cited at the end of the paper. Carefully check whether each citation correspond to the reference in bibliography. It is very important and it may influence on your grade.

The 3rd step is checking your content. Mull over the central idea of your essay and verify whether it is fully revealed in your text. Your thesis statement must be clear and concise. It should sum up key ideas of your essay.

A well-written essay should start from a detailed outline. It clearly shows whether your paper has introduction, main body and conclusion. If you do not have outline, you may add it while the proofreading. It is easy, because you will be able to read the whole text and write out the main points. Also, check if every paragraph starts with a topic sentence, since it helps to keep the main idea throughout an essay.

When you proofread your introduction, make sure that is starts with an interesting sentence that will draw reader’s attention. Your main goal is to make it thrilling and readable. Ensure that your essay begins with general description of your specific topic. Then, specify and explain main concepts up to the thesis statement, which gives a hint on your central idea. Develop your topic by outlining your findings, giving detailed information about important facts, provide and analyze examples.

Finally, review your summary or conclusion. It should summarize your information obtained during the research. It should not be the same as the introduction. Finalize your essay with future recommendations for academicians in the field of your research.

To sum up, we recommend you not to neglect essay-proofreading services and take an advantage of a professional assistance. Thus, you won’t spend time on exhausting proofreading. If you have already completed your writing assignment by your own, we are ready to help you to proofread it and prepare it for publication.

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