The guide on the basic directions of yoga


Do you think that yoga practice is not dynamic enough? Or maybe you have enough sport in your life, but lack the spiritual aspect? Or you just want to feel better without making too much efforts? Yoga offers many directions that can satisfy different people’s needs. created a guide that will help you to understand the basics of yoga practice and choose the most suitable option for you. Hatha yoga The most widespread branch if yoga is hatha. It is usually recommended ...Continue reading

How to eat desserts and lose weight


A team of has great news for you: Scientists from Tel Aviv have made the discovery, which all the sweet tooth of the world have been waiting for. It turned out that it is not necessary to exclude sweets from your diet in order to lose weight. You just have to eat them at the right time of the day. To prove this incredible statement, a team of doctors conducted an interesting experiment. 193 patients suffering from overweight were divided into two groups. The first group ...Continue reading