Usage of past tenses in English

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The following article is the second one in the series about “Tenses in English”. The first article was devoted to the Present tense and how it is expressed in the language. Now, we are going to revise all past tenses that exist in the English language. As we all know, the past tense is a form of the verb that indicates the time of the action, which happened in the past. All past tenses in English we call the Past Tenses, however they may differ in duration of an action or its Continue reading

Grammar rules: future tenses in English

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The following article is the third one in the series about “Tenses in English”. We have already spoken about Present and Past tenses in English. We are going to learn grammar rules of future tenses in the English language. We all know that the future tenses in English is a grammatical category, which describes the event that will occur in future, after the conversation. How to form Future tense in English? If we take a look at the list of tenses in English we will see that Future Continue reading

Writing tips: past or present tense in your novel

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We have already discussed main rules about usage of past, present and future tenses in English. Now we are going to discuss how to apply your knowledge in practice. “What tense should I use?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions when writing a novel or an essay. Are you going to narrate in present or past tense? It is always better to think twice about this issue before you start writing. Authors tend to use Past tense when writing their novels. Eventually, they are Continue reading

An easy recipe for those who goes crazy with caramel popcorn

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Are you tired from studying grammar rules? Are you dreaming about free time, going to the cinema with friends? We all know that incredible smell of caramel popcorn wafting from the cinema bar. Sweet, crunchy - it is simply impossible to resist! offers a recipe that will make any home film show not just fun, but also the most delicious pastime. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of corn 3 tbsp. of veg oil 1 cup of granulated sugar a few drops of lemon juice 1 tbsp. of butter ½ Continue reading

Online paper editing: students’ choice

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Paper editing: is it important? Do not hurry to search for random online paper editing company. Take your time and try to understand why it is so important to edit your paper. Writing process takes a bulk of time and study. Finally, you feel exhausted and have no aspiration to start the editing phase. Being tired and exhausted you run a risk to fail your grade. Paper editing is important part of the writing process when you should check your sentence structure, coherency, punctuation and delete Continue reading

What to read in autumn: 10 new exciting novels

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Autumn has always been associated with books. For someone autumn is a sign that new fall term begins. Everyone can hardly wait to take up a new book when September begins. This season we expect new great novels by Jonathan Franzen and Julian Barnes. Let us review the best things in the world of literature that worth your attention. Boris Messerer “Bella’s glimpse” Boris Messerer, a theatre artist and designer, could perfectly write a fascinating autobiography, however he Continue reading

Top 10 common mistakes in usage of present tenses

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In the previous article we have already discussed main rules about Present tenses in English. What if you still have questions? Let us analyze in detail the most frequently made mistakes. Present tenses are considered to be easy to learn in the English language. Despite their simplicity, students continue to make mistakes in Present Simple and Present Continuous. For this reason, picked the most frequent mistakes students make. It is always better to look backward over Continue reading

How to eat desserts and lose weight

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A team of has great news for you: Scientists from Tel Aviv have made the discovery, which all the sweet tooth of the world have been waiting for. It turned out that it is not necessary to exclude sweets from your diet in order to lose weight. You just have to eat them at the right time of the day. To prove this incredible statement, a team of doctors conducted an interesting experiment. 193 patients suffering from overweight were divided into two groups. The first group Continue reading

Modern woman writers, who certainly worth reading

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Do you have problems with English grammar? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Start reading! Read a lot. In the following post, we are going to talk about women who became essential part of the modern literature. People usually talk about great writers much more often than about authoress. Female writers are often associated with “chick-lit”. It is definitely unfair - modern literature would not be remarkable without prominent woman writers. decided Continue reading

Tips how to proofread your resume like a professional

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Everyone wants to create an outstanding resume that will prove your potential employer that you fit the position. It is obvious that resume makes a first impression of you on your prospective employer. Can you imagine that this 1 page of writing can decide your fate? That is why some people are afraid to write resume, some of them lack knowledge and writing skills. Even a small typo can keep you from getting an invitation to an interview. If you carefully proofread your resume, you may increase Continue reading