Advantages and disadvantages of new technologies

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Advantages and disadvantages of new technologies

The labor market is waiting for big changes. British scientists forecast that mankind will attain such productivity of labor so that not everyone will have to work.

Futurists predict that in the next 20-30 years in developed countries, half of the workers will lose their job and robots will take their places. Already robots begin to work instead of humans, for example, journalists and conductors. Robots can easily cope not only with intellectual work but also manual. We are approaching the moment when everything is robotized.

Physical work will soon disappear. For example, in many countries driver is one of the most popular professions. But in 4 US states, it is already allowed to travel on public roads with autopilot vehicles. It is likely that in 5 years there will be no drivers left at all because the autopilot is a reduction in accident rate and less expense. We can apply this pattern to almost all spheres of life.

Nowadays people think that they will work less in future. But the question is what to do if people will become unemployed. In future, the minority will have a job. A big change is expected in the labor market. We have achieved such high productivity that not all people of the Earth have to work. They can do sports, blogging, anything they like and earn money.

In USA robotics develops really fast. So, according to a poll conducted by, 28% of employers are ready to replace workers with robots in the future, and 53% answered that they would rather hire a real person.

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