What to read in autumn: 10 new exciting novels

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Autumn has always been associated with books. For someone autumn is a sign that new fall term begins. Everyone can hardly wait to take up a new book when September begins. This season we expect new great novels by Jonathan Franzen and Julian Barnes. Let us review the best things in the world of literature that worth your attention.

Boris Messerer “Bella’s glimpse”

Boris Messerer, a theatre artist and designer, could perfectly write a fascinating autobiography, however he decided not to talk about himself, but about his wife Bella Akhmadulina. An infrequent and therefore even more remarkable experience when a man decides to write about his great wife and about their relationships. He gives a lot of documentary evidence about his legendary wife and beloved woman. Messerer published decoded audio conversations and Bella’s monologues, which he faithfully collected and wrote down on a paper. “Bella’s glimpse” tells us about the Soviet Union, and the cultural elite, and, of course, about amazingly talented Bella and his great love to her.

José Saramago “The History of the Siege of Lisbon”

How can a human change the story? For example, put “no” somewhere in the middle of historical description so that history transforms in an irreversible manner and claims something that has not happened in reality. Saramago’s novel, written in 1989, is a reflection on the creation of the text, as well as a historical novel about the siege of Lisbon and the Portuguese Reconquista. In this story, portuguese classic maneuvers between the fictional story and a routine everyday life of a proofreader, between past and present.

Jonathan Franzen “Purity”

The name of the lead character is Purity, which means clean, innocent. For the first time in this novel Franzen investigates not American modern history, but feelings that are understandable in any part of the earth. At the same time, his characters appear to be not blameless, but they have something in common that can be called pure. “Purity” is the fifth novel of the author that is why he does not need to prove his skills or sense of humor to anyone. All this makes his new book easy readable and the relationship between the author and the reader more friendly.

Diane Keaton “Then Again”

Clever and ironic Diane Keaton, without doubts, is one of the most influential comedy actresses of all times. It is impossible to imagine movies of Woody Allen, as well as “The Godfather” without her. Actress, director and screenwriter has already written two books, and the first one was autobiography published in 2011. Diane Keaton remains true to herself, therefore her memoirs do not sound like many other stories written by prominent actors in recent years. Firstly, Keaton does not try to be too funny or too sad. Secondly, her book is largely a tribute to the memory of her mother, a frustrated actress and an amateur photographer that saw a particular strength in the collage art. In other words, an author offers to plunge into a collage of stories about the lives of celebrities, honest description of her fight against bulimia and reflections about her parents.  All these facts create a life story that is impossible not to respect.

Julian Barnes “The Noise of Time”

Julian Barnes is one of the most important English-speaking contemporary writers, and his every book is a news event. He never repeats himself and always writes about something new and in a new way.  The name of the book “The Noise of Time” was taken from the memoirs of Osip Mandelstam. It describes the life of a significant and heroic Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Barnes describes the life of the great composer on the background of different events in the USSR. Mainly he addresses a topic of an author’s problem: to be a hero or to create. 

Heinrich Harrer “Seven Years in Tibet”

“Seven Years in Tibet” is an autobiographical travelog about an Austrian who escaped from the English camp in India with a friend. He gets across the Himalayas to discover another world in Tibet and become a mentor and friend of the Dalai Lama the XIV. It is a story about a man who didn’t become a part of the Third Reich by a twist of fate and gave his heart to a parallel universe that looks like a fairy tale and a dystopia at the same time.

Paul Kalanithi “When breathe becomes air”

Paul Kalaniti has left the study of the literature and became a doctor. He deliberately chose the most complicated specialization - neurosurgery. When he found out about his hopeless and incurable diagnosis, he had to make a very difficult decision. Kalaniti died in 2015, but before he died, he had some time to hold his little daughter in his hands and write a book about how to live, when the time is an issue, but you never know how much time is left. An author describes a popular problem of the recent days – how to leave through an incurable disease. This story is a great example of the importance of ability to live in the present.

Martin Amis “The Zone of Interest”

“The Zone of Interest” is the fourteenth novel of Martin Amis. It is a story of love and morality on an unexpected topic of the Holocaust inspired by Gogol. The scene was copied from the previous novel “Time's Arrow”. An action takes place in the death camp Auschwitz. Three main characters tell the whole story: commandant and alcoholic Paul Doll, his officer Angelus Thomsen, who has a love affair with a commandant’s wife and a Jew who works in a camp – Szmul. “The Zone of Interest” could be compared with “Inglourious Basterds”, yet the book has received much more positive feedbacks from the readers.

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