Students and exams: how to focus on learning?

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Students and exams

Previously we have already discussed how to improve your brain activity and eat healthy food. Usually, students do not think about exams until they are right around the corner. Then a rush job begins, such as an urgent search for resources and textbooks, sleepless nights and nerves. Such fuss leads to the unhealthy diet. If you do not want to damage your health and nervous system, you can always apply for professional writing and editing services. Fortunately, our Editors are eager to share a few useful tips with you to help you pass exams. Moreover, proper nutrition is very important during the term exams.

Are you familiar with the feeling when after an endless night of cramming your memory let you down? And before that, you definitely ate some junk food in a hurry! Having received these “empty” calories you satisfied your hunger, but the brain was left without a recharge. If you want your memory to absorb the necessary information, and suck in knowledge, take care of what you eat. Food is useful not only for the body but also for the brain.

Myth #1. Chocolate improves mental capacity.

Our brain really needs glucose to work properly, but it’s easier to take it from fructose than from sucrose, that is why it’s better to eat fruits (for example, grapes) than chocolate.

Recent research suggests that the effect of chocolate is similar to nicotine: it really fills you with energy, but not for a long time. After that, your condition deteriorates quickly and your mental capacity regresses.

Myth #2. Some chocolate bars are able to “charge brain”.

Frankly speaking, it is better to forget about chocolate bars. It does not really help you to feel better because it contains a lot of harmful components. Of course, chocolate bars can contain nuts. Unfortunately, the great part does not contain walnuts that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Myth #3. Coffee and energy drinks help to concentrate.

During the term, do not overuse beverages containing a great amount of caffeine. This can lead to sleep disturbances and excessive nervousness. There are only 24 hours in a day, do not try to pit your wits against the time.

Myth #4. All canned food is useless and unhealthy.

If you do not have time for cooking, and your mother cannot help you with cooking a dinner, even canned food from the store near your house can be useful. Try to buy sprat, mackerel, and sardines. It will give your body some omega-3 acids that are useful for memory.

Rules that will help you to focus on learning

1. Drink more water. Drinking more water will help you concentrate and reduce the headaches. It is true that our brain suffers from a lack of water in our organism. It is better to give preference to mineral water, green tea, fruit juices diluted with boiled water.

2. Consume more B Vitamins. Include oatmeal or cereals, buckwheat, and rice in the ration. Do not forget about dairy products: cottage cheese and yogurt contain vitamin B2. It can be an excellent snack. Also, a glass of milk in the evening can guarantee a quiet sleep. Fish, eggs, meat will give you strength and feed your brain with vitamin B12.

Some extra tips:

1. Do you need to remember a lot of information? Check by your own experience a favorite method of many theatre actors: while learning something, eat a few slices of pineapple. A large number of active substances, which are contained in this fruit, will help you to keep in memory a large amount of information.

2. Do you have an exam on a foreign language?  Eat more citrus fruits, because a large amount of vitamin C promotes a better perception of new information.

3. Do you feel nervous and tired? The onion will help you. Just do not eat it right before the exam not to make your instructor nervous. Onions contribute to the dilution of blood, which improves the supply of oxygen to the brain. If you eat a half of an onion a day, you will feel the results in near future.

4. Before the exam, eat a salad of grated carrots with raisins and walnuts, seasoned with vegetable oil or a sour cream. Thus, you will improve the metabolism in the brain and you will be surprised that your mental capacities will rise quickly.

5. If you want to impress the examiner with your brilliant ideas, have a cup of tea before the exam. Take 2 teaspoons of seeds per cup and pour boiling water. It will stimulate the nervous system and increase creative activity.

Just follow these healthy tips from before and during your term exams and read your textbooks. It will help you to succeed in studying and get better grades.  

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