Scientists have found that reading fans live longer

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Finally, the scientists got busy and proved that a habit of reading can bring us not only mental clarity and richness of imagination, but also something more valuable - the additional years of life.

The School of Public Health at Yale University conducted and summed up a research on the impact of reading on the life span. The study lasted for 12 years.  The participants were 3.6 thousand elderly men and women. Among them were the most different people, such as avid fans of reading books and those who take books in hands only during housecleaning.

It was found that people who love reading and regularly read books live 2 years longer than others. Retirees, who are used to read a book for 3.5 hours a week or more, run less risk of dying in the next 12 years for almost 20%. The scientists admit that 30 minutes per day is enough to achieve long and happy life.

It is interesting that the “book therapy” works for everyone, regardless of the income level, occupation, marital status, race, and life satisfaction. Only books help us to live longer. Newspapers and magazines did not show impressive results.

It is known that reading - is the most effective way to reduce stress and distract from everyday problems. It allows the brain stay young longer and increases the level of intelligence, rising the number of neural connections in the brain. The habit of reading postpone senescence and Alzheimer's disease. It helps to fight depression, improves social skills and creativity.

Scientists discovered the benefits of reading a long time ago, but the researchers of Yale University were first to prove that it really has effect on the duration of our lives.

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