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Do you have problems with English grammar? Do you want to improve your writing skills? Start reading! Read a lot. In the following post, we are going to talk about women who became essential part of the modern literature.

People usually talk about great writers much more often than about authoress. Female writers are often associated with “chick-lit”. It is definitely unfair - modern literature would not be remarkable without prominent woman writers. decided to recall ten contemporary female writers, who probably will be leading and commonly known tomorrow, and even in a few decades.

Perhaps the most successful intellectual novelist of the XXI century, Donna Tartt became known all over the world thanks to her third novel “The Goldfinch”. It turned out that there is a place for serious old-fashioned literature among the post-modernism and post irony. Donna’s hefty books go like hot cakes: both readers and critics appreciate her for her beautiful language, ingenious plots, humanism and for the thoughtful slowness with which you read Dickens or George Eliot.

“The Goldfinch” is a classic Bildungsroman, based on the tragedy of a boy and his long journey to adulthood and finding himself as a person. It fascinates with elegance of the style and plot twists. This is exactly the case when thinking about the context significantly exceeds the moment of reading.

Critics made fun of the productivity of Joyce Carol Oates for a while, but they became exhausted unlike the talent of 78-year-old American woman. Dozens of novels, hundreds of short stories and poems, of course, not of equal area, but these are articles that will help you understand the Oates’s heritage.

Only a few people managed so consistently and with such delicacy talk about violence, sexual and racial inequality, and social problems over the years. She describes these issues not only as “the problem of the environment”, but also as a part of the inner life of the individual and, therefore, as the anthropological problems. Joyce Carol Oates is well-known throughout the words thanks to her 2nd novel “A Garden of Earthly Delights” about the social class in America and teenagers’ unseen. 

At her own 85, Toni Morrison is a living legend, a literary pillar. One of the main authors of American multiculturalism claims to be the “Marquez” of the United States. Her latest novel was released only a year ago, she actively gives lectures and she is a loud voice of the “Black America”.  Morrison’s comments to the murders of African-American teenagers are no less important for many Western intellectuals than the statements of politicians or pop stars.

In her novels, Morrison talks about the identity of the African American population of the US by means of magical realism. For example, the novel “Beloved” is written in the best traditions of American gothic stories. It is about a woman who is running from slavery and forced to face her own past, which becomes flesh and blood. The texts of the writer are constructed in such a way that author’s reflections about human dignity, oppression, myth and love are conveyed through the multiple characters and heroes.

The most famous Hispanic novelist of the XX century has Chilean nationality, was born in Lima, but lives in the United States, therefore she is considered as the Pan-American writer. Besides her famous novels “The House of the Spirits” (La casa de los espíritus, 1982) and “Eva Luna” the writer has an amazing autobiographical book “Paula” dedicated to her deceased daughter, which tells about the revolution in Chile, about her personal life, motherhood and vocation.

Allende has proved that Hispanic woman can become a world popular writer. She herself began to establish rules of correlation between magical realism, eroticism and historical narrative. Special attention should be given to her wonderful book “Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses (1998). Afrodita” dedicated to aphrodisiacs.

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, David Mitchell, and Salman Rushdie, George R. R. Martin and other great persons of the world literature freely admit undeniable influence of Ursula Le Guin’s creativity on their prose. One of the main authors of fiction and fantasy of the XX century has imagination that is able to inhabit the distant planets and think over in detail the particular forms of culture, alternative to human beings. And many more!

In her texts, she accurately and deeply, with a wise detachment of anthropologist, analyzes the nature of gender, sexuality and social inequality, ponders on otherness in all its forms, the ecology and colonial policy. An author of “The Left Hand of Darkness, 1969” and “Tales from Earthsea” started considering these questions long before it became a mainstream.

Chekhov of our time”, the goddess of the short form, Alice Munro lives in her native Canada the whole life (she is 85years old now), and writes mostly about her country. But in fact, Nobel laureate Alice Ann Munro creates universal stories that are filled with the dreams of ordinary people, daily activities and relations between the husband and wife, parents and children. It is interesting that Munro constantly rewrites her stories, so that your a favorite one may have another version.

Her stories are breathtaking, so that you always want to read it again and again! Each time she manages to fit a surprisingly rich story in a small text, creating the world that significantly exceeds the amount of the work. In the collections of poems “Too Much Happiness” and “Runaway”, one can experience all the features of Munro's prose. There is much more understatement than clarity, time jumping back and forth, and the story can be paused in mid-sentence. Despite the entangled plot and characters that suddenly change in the eyes of the reader, you believe every author’s word as if you personally observe the events.

Joan Didion is one of the most influential writers of non-fiction literature. She comes from the school of “new journalism”. Joan Didion is a type of the writer who creates literature from the real life. Since 1960, Didion was engaged in prose and publicist stories, exploring a variety of social phenomena and problems. One of the most highly valued Didion’s works is an autobiographical book “The Year of Magical Thinking” was written as a kind of self-therapy: the author describes the death of her husband, daughter's illness, grief as a social phenomenon and as a personal experience.

All literary and journalistic texts of the writer are thought out to the smallest detail: Joan Didion, a student of Hemingway, Henry James and George Eliot, preaches the value of the correct structure of each sentence, because the syntax as well as the camera in the movie, snatches away the main idea that is revealed by an author.

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