How to write a book?

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Anyone who has a good imagination, but does not have writing skills can write a book. The book can be created for personal use and for the publication so that everyone can buy and enjoy reading it. If you noticed that you like to create amazing story lines while reading your favorite novel, you should think about writing down your own stories. It may seem a little bit complicated, but you will cope with it. Our Team of Editors have created a list of free tips on where to start and how to write your own book. Take your time, sit down and think of an interesting story that would be appealing to the readers. Ask your friends, what are their favorite books and authors, Google some facts and you will have good grounds to create a fascinating novel!

How to write a book

Several steps will assist you in planning this process:

Get the notebook. Of course, you can use your laptop and start writing your book in a Word Document, but it may not be at hand when you feel sudden inspiration. That is why GetEssayEditor highly recommends you to have a sketchbook and a pen in your bag and write in the same old way. In addition, most writers are convinced that you feel an incredible inspiration when you write on a paper with a pen. At least, you should try to check whether it is true or not.  

Start to think of the main idea. When you have already purchased a notebook, it is a high time to overcome the first barrier and put a pen to paper. It is considered to be the strong fear of all authors and beginners. First, pop down ideas on a paper. After making enough notes, look through them several times. Then show these ideas to somebody and ask them to evaluate it. Choose the idea that is the most appealing to you and make certain that the same story was not already published. Then, re-read your notes in a few days and make necessary corrections. Now you are ready to move forward to the plot.

Write down a brief outline of the story, including your own notes about characters (their full names, backgrounds, descriptions, etc.), time of action, set, places, sketches, all the small details that will become a complete story.

Make a table or a graph with all protagonists and main characters that take the lead in your story. Describe them in details drawing on your notes. You can even write a background for each character. This will help picture them, understand more about their lifestyle and nature. In addition, you will have extra information and descriptions in case if you are run out of ideas.

Write an outline. The plan will help you to highlight the plot thread: introduction, unraveling of the plot and the characters, the conflict, the culmination, resolution and the end-piece.

- It is said that that the introduction is the toughest part for an author. So try not to adhere to the details, make it generalized.

- Create characters. Begin with the protagonist, moving from the leading character to others that can be associated with him.

- Keep this up, creating a storyline. You can already outline an approximate end-piece.

- Make a timeline. When you have already created the core of the book, sketch the plan in accordance with the timeline, where each key event from the life of the characters occurs in accordance with their time.

- Mix your plot and make it more complicated. Several characters may appear in the same place at the same time or disappear together. Just describe these events. It will also help you get back your inspiration when you get stuck.

Edit without regret. If you realize that your novel has reached a dead end and you do not know how to fix it, go back and try to change something. You do not stick to your outline because other ideas about the plot can come to your mind. No matter what you are going to tell about, your inspiration can beckon you to the other side. Following your muse is the most pleasant part of the writing.

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