20 fatal resume mistakes that cost you the job

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Resume writing may puzzle to pieces even the most experienced specialist. Applicants continue to create poor resumes: ten pages of text, embarrassing fonts, a lot of catchall phrases and inappropriate photograph. Such mistakes in resume may freak out any recruiter. Now, GetEssayEditor will publish 20 fatal resume mistakes that may cost you the job. And, if you recognize yourself in the following text, do not waste your time and take actions immediately.

1. Writing a 10-page resume

It is known that professional resume should not exceed two pages. However, there are a lot of applicants who are trying to fit all their life experiences in a resume. Remember, do not combine your resume translated in different languages into one file. Do not make wide margins, double-spacing and 16 font size.

2. Recommendations and contacts

Do not forget to provide contact details of your recommending person.

3. Do not be too precise when it comes to the home address

There is no need to indicate the number of your house and apartment, as well as your ZIP code.

4. Do not put a password on the file

If you want to get a position, never put a password on your resume file, because recruiter just won’t be able to open it.

5. Do not use abbreviations and informal language

Do not try to show your professionalism by using buzzwords, informal language, slang, it will not make you look smater.

6. Do not lie

Never try to lie in your resume, an experienced HR manager will lay bare the truth. If you have experience of a manager, do not write that you were a director.

7. Do not highlight the important information in resume in bold

Italics, bold type, underlining, colorful font, large letter size, CAPS LOCK aare totally unacceptable in resume writing.

8. Do not overdo your part with using pictures and infographics

In spite of the fact that infographics became very popular in resume writing nowadays and it may show off not only your advantages and creativity, but also foolishness. Always consider its relevance. Do not add pictures and infographins if you apply for an accountant position.

9. Do not state all reasons for previous dismissal

It is not necessary to write the reason for leaving for previous jobs. Truly speaking, your new employer does not care if you left the job on your own or you were fired.

10. Do not add charts and tables

Remember, a professional resume should be written in Microsoft Word, but not Excel. Do not add charts to your resume, it will not make it readable

11. Do not attach a scanned version of your diploma

When you are seeking for an employment, you are trying to do everything possible to show off your best qualities. Sometimes, such persistency means trouble.

12. Microsoft Word Spell check

Your success depends not only on your experience and skills, but also on absence of spelling and grammatical mistakes in your resume. That is why Microsoft Word Spell check will be a perfect assistant for you.

13. Cover letter

Cover letter is an introductory motivational letter attached to your resume. It should explain the resume content, but do not copy it. The biggest mistake of all job seekers is to paste same information from a resume into a cover letter.    

14. Should you inquire of a read notification?

Majority of applicant are so afraid of not getting any response from a company so that ask for a notification that their resume was received and considered. Such actions indicate your disrespect to the company’s staff, especially to the HR manager.

15. Current job title

Many people start looking for a new job while they are still holding a position in their company. Some of them think that it is unacceptable, disrespectful and this fact should be hidden. When writing about your employment career do not try to avoid mentioning about your current job title. It would be difficult to come up with a lie on the go at the interview.

16. Arial and Calibri fonts

There are certain rules that are related to fonts, which are to be used in a resume. Arial and Calibri fonts are considered to be standard.

17. Free online resume samples

Do not copy phrases from examples that are available online. Be creative, be yourself!

18. Headhunter or owner of the company?

Do you still hesitate where to send your resume along with cover letter? Do you think that company owner or director really have time to review and consider your candidacy? Of course not! Send your document to a recruiter and nobody else.

19. Say NO to objective statement

There is no need to show that you care about the interests of the company and want to do your best to increase its benefit. Your skills and qualifications should speak for itself.

20. Personal information

If you provide information about your hobbies or interests, be careful and choose only relevant ones.

Moreover, remember, your resume is just the beginning of your career. Be self-confident and armed with the knowledge of the job position you are applying to. Know that you are worth it! Find out about appropriate salary for this job.

At the same time, is ready to put all efforts to improve your resume standard and help you attract hiring manager.

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