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Nothing can be compared to the anticipation of pleasure from reading a new book, because every book opens a fascinating imaginary world, where the reader experiences real strong feelings. and have chosen the most interesting books of the outgoing year for you: critics were arguing about them, the authors of these books were awarded, readers enjoyed every single page of these books. But, of course, we know that this is just a beginning! Enjoy your reading!

1. “The Aviator” by Eugene Vodolazkin

The main character appears to be in a hospital with amnesia, he does not even remember his own name. Hoping to restore the history of his life, he begins to record sudden fragmentary memories. But why does he remember the old Saint Petersburg, the revolution of 1917 and the repression, when the real events take place in 1999? The novel got the Big Book Prize.

2. “Purity” by Jonathan Franzen

23-year-old Pip was brought up by her mother. She does not tell her daughter about her past and het father. Pip is worried about her problems in relations with men and her $130,000 debt for the University. The book tells about the totalitarian nature of the Internet, weapons of mass destruction, the legacy of socialism in Eastern Europe, for children and parents, and love.

3. “Independence Day” by Richard Ford

The book describes the three days from the life of Frank Bascombe. He is an ordinary man, who shares happy and sad moments of his life, but indeed, it is a story of the 20th century. The novel won the Pulitzer Prize and Faulkner Award for Fiction in 1996. “Independence Day” is considered to be the pride of contemporary American literature.

4. “My best enemy” by Frei Eli

One of the most acclaimed books of the Internet tells about the friendship of two teenagers, of Toma and Stas from the Moscow suburbs. Once Toma makes something that is unforgivable for Stas, and it turns him into a real monster. He begins to scoff at Toma. He is very angry and harsh boy. The bullying includes school harassment, beatings and even offensive language. The book is rather difficult to read, because it describes a horror of the modern world and school harassment.

5. “The Red-Haired Woman” by Orhan Pamuk

The action takes place in a small Turkish town not far from Istanbul in mid-1980s. A young Lyceum student Jem Celik passionately fell in love with an older red-haired woman, whom he accidentally saw on the street. She is an actress, who tells ancient legends to a few viewers every night. The fruit of a tragic passion becomes a crime.

6. “The Fifth Sally” by Daniel Keyes

Sally Porter is an ordinary, unremarkable woman who works as a waitress. Unfortunately, the woman is under the sway of four other selves: remote and brainy painter, bubbly daredevil, frustrated actress and singer, and a potential killer who hates the whole world. Psychiatrist Roger Ash would connect these four women into one and create a “Fifth Sally”.

7. “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara

The story tells about four talented friends: an architect Malcolm, an actor Willem, a painter JB, and lawyer and mathematician Jude. They are struggling to become famous and succeed in the big city New York. They quarrel, make peace, push fortune. And suddenly a tardy flight of time is broken by a sudden punch in the stomach. The author does not regret the reader; he shifts the story into a terrible past, overloaded with hard events. It is a difficult book; however it is also difficult to put it away and stop reading.

8. “Number 11” by Jonathan Coe

Women are central characters of this book: Rachel is a main character, she is intelligent and beautiful Oxford graduate; her teacher Laura calculates the cash equivalent of emotions; her best friend Rachel, Afro-American lesbian and her mother, who was a famous singer in the past, now is a participant in the second-class reality show. There is also a maniac who kills stand-up comedians, a vicious journalist, and a constable-philosopher. Altogether, it is a real modern, satirical and touching, at the same time, British prose.

9. “All the coincidences are accidental” by Renee Knight

Catherine Ravenscroft is a famous London TV journalist. She finds a strange book near her bed. However, the first page says that all coincidences are accidental, she was horrified to death when she realized that she is the main character and the book tells about her secret. This subtle psychological thriller has been issued in 25 countries and the film adaptation is expected to be issued soon.

10. “Call the Midwife” or “Call the Midwife: A True Story of the East End in the 1950s” by Jennifer Worth

In the middle of the twentieth century Jennifer Worth lived in London and worked as a midwife. The book describes her memories about that time. Jenny Lee is the main character of the story. She witnesses the lives of poor working families from deprived areas. She observes every day of their lives, their sorrows and joys. She is amazed by the incredible power of their characters. The BBC channel showed famous TV series based on this best seller. The series got 10 million viewers.

11. “We Are the Carpenters of an Invisible Cathedral” by Ray Bradbury

18-year-old boy gets on a real war, but in his heart he’s still the same 10-year-old boy playing the war games with friends in the courtyard. This is the series of the stories that were included in the writer’s early works collection. This book is a real gift for Bradbury fans.

12. “Where my heart used to beat” by Sebastian Faulks

The action takes place in 80th in London. Psychiatrist Robert Hendricks receives an invitation from a stranger, Dr. Alexander Pereira, to arrive on a small Mediterranean island. Conversations with Alexander Pereira forced Robert to recall the past, as well as his difficult childhood, turbulent adolescence, cruel war, and a loss of his love.

Literature can bring you to an imaginary world, take you away from your rutine and problems. It helps to open your mind and develop your literacy and writing skills. Of course, you can examine your writing by using online editing or proofreading service, but it is never too late to learn how to write correctly!

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