11 science fiction novels of the XXI century

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11 science fiction novels of the XXI century, which are worth reading

Every year, the World society of science fiction counts on the results of readers voting and names the best fiction piece of literature of the year. The winners are awarded the “Hugo” prize - one of the most prestigious in this genre. Our team of professional writers and editors always try to collect the most interesting and useful information for you. We have already offered a few interesting novels to read this autumn. That is why GetEssayEditor gathered all the novels of the 21st century, which have been awarded “Hugo” prize for your convenience!

  • “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

Published in: 2001

Genre: Fantasy

About: A phlegmatic sturdy man named Shadow is released from prison and immediately gets into the bull's eye. The pagan gods from all over the world gather in the United States under the guise of ordinary people to decide the further destiny. They get weaker and older under the onslaught of new technologies. But the ancient deities are not going to concede. The storm is coming and Shadow has an important role in these events.

Also, a TV series of “American Gods” are ready for the show this winter on a Starz channel.

  • “Paladin of Souls” by Lois McMaster Bujold

Published in: 2003

Genre: Fantasy

About: “Paladin of Souls” continues the story of the Queen Ista who is a secondary character of the novel “The Curse of Chalion”. Therefore, it is better to read the sequel after reading the first book. The action takes place in a fictional world similar to ours in the Middle Ages, but with magic and fantastic creatures. Having experienced the cruelty of the local people and the gods, Ista leaves on a pilgrimage to heal her wounds. But this way will not be easy for her.

  • “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” by Susanna Clarke

Published in: 2004

Genre: Fantasy

About: The story takes place in alternative England in 19th-century. The magic is believed to be vanished for many years and the wizards lost their popularity. But everything changes when two practicing magicians returned. Meanwhile, England is on the brink of war and the return of magic attracts dark forces. And instead of solving all problems together and uniting their forces, wizards have different opinions concerning the magic and behave like enemies. In 2015, the BBC channel released mini-series based on the story of the novel.

  • “Spin” by Robert Charles Wilson

Published in: 2005

Genre: Science fiction

About: A mysterious sphere appeared around the Earth and separated the planet from the outer space. Moreover, in this sphere, the time flies much slower than beyond its borders. The sun shines differently, satellites fall down, and the stars begin to disappear from the night sky. All these events completely change people’s lives and the main protagonist, Doctor Tyler Dupree, describe it in details.

  • “Rainbow's End” by Vernor Vinge

Published in: 2006

Genre: Science fiction

About: In the nearest future, the line between reality and the virtual world becomes almost invisible. Information networks penetrate in all spheres of human life, which creates new opportunities, but at the same time brings unpredictable risks. Thus, a serious insecurity of new technologies jeopardizes free will of all humanity. All hope lies in hands of the poet-technophobe Robert Gu, who overcame Alzheimer's disease after years in oblivion.

  • “The Yiddish Policemen's Union” by Michael Chabon

Published in: 2007

Genre: alternate history

About: According to the plot, Israel was destroyed by war in the middle of the last century and the Jews temporary settled in the autonomy in the north of the United States. At the beginning of the novel, the land lease term expires, that forces citizens of settlement to seek new place for living. It is against this background that Jewish police officer, Meir Landsman, investigates a mysterious murder. Over time, the case takes a very unexpected turn.

  • “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman

Published in: 2008

Genre: fantasy

About: Another fairy tale about a boy who survived after the murder of his family. But instead of Hogwarts, the young hero got into a graveyard. He lives among the vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other supernatural beings where he finds guardians, friends and mentors. Only after learning the realm of the dead world, he could return to the world of humans.

  • “The City & the City” by China Miéville

Published in: 2009

Genre: Science fiction

About: In Besźel, an imaginary East-European city, occurs a brutal murder. Inspector Tyador Borlú is engaged in this case to investigate the murder. Investigation brought the inspector into Ul Qoma, the neighboring city that occupies almost same geographical space as Besźel. But the politics and culture of the citizens contradict each other, that is why even a simple murder investigation may lead to the dire consequences.

  • “The windup girl” by Paolo Bacigalupi

Published in: 2009

Genre: Science fiction

About: A global catastrophe changed the conditions of life on Earth: part of the land is flooded the ocean, traditional energy resources are exhausted, the   technical equipment works on driving springs. At the same time, biotechnology is rapidly developing. Humans obtain genetically modified bodies, while cynical               corporations in the sphere of biotechnologies fight for market share. The main events take place in a futuristic Thailand, where the interests of several different people are intersected.

  • “Redshirts” by John Scalzi

Published in: 2012

Genre: Comic science fiction

About: A young xenobiologist Andrew Dahl always wanted to work for the Intrepid. It is the best spaceport of the Universal Union. His dream came true. But on board of the spaceport a boy realized that something went wrong. Secondary crewmembers die under the different circumstances in each mission, while officers get off with a whole skin! When mysteries of the spaceship are unraveled, Andrew and colleagues decided to take a risk to get out alive.

  • “Ancillary Justice” by Ann Leckie

Published in: 2013

Genre: Science fiction

About: Someday, a woman’s body called Brack along with other bodies were connected to the intelligent spacecraft “Imperial Radch”. Together they formed a complex collective mind. But due to the betrayal the spaceship was destroyed, and Brack became the only part of the system that managed to escape. Now she is looking for those who are guilty to take revenge.

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