10 Tips For Dissertation Proofreading for Students

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Dissertation is one of the most important papers in your life. Process of dissertation writing takes quite a lot of time and efforts. It is the vital part of students’ educational process. It usually frightens everyone. The reason is that dissertation writing is more difficult than essay writing, coursework and even research paper. It is long scientific text that consist of theory and practice. Everything should be written on your own words according to your own investigation. There are usually no instructions or guidelines, professors do not often keep the deadlines and every student has his own topic. So, there will be no possibility to discuss same topic with your classmates. Your topic will be unique and only theory can be borrowed from the academic sources. You will be left alone with your practical part. You will spend endless hours searching for some information on the Internet, but in vain, because your topic is unique, and all you can do is to make research by yourself. Discussions and consultations with your advisor will take weeks and months. You will spend sleepless nights learning research methods for your dissertation. When you choose your topic, you will have to create an outline and start dissertation research. The style of writing should be scientific and should follow academic standards. Do not forget to include long list of references or bibliography at the end of your dissertation. And, do not mess it up, because each in-text citation should correspond to the references after the whole text. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.   

When all steps that we mentioned are finalized, you are far from being at the finish line. Dissertation nightmare is not over yet. When you overcome writing, editing and proofreading process begins. On this stage, you will examine your written text and see if it is ready for publication and submission. Proofreading part is last but not least. It is very important for your dissertation project. Even a small mistake or typo may ruin your result. Of course, you can spend more time on learning proofreading methods or searching for online proofreading software. But, no program can give you as much result, as a professional proofreader.

Have you read your dissertation from the first word to the end? Are you sure, it does not contain any mistakes or typos? If your dissertation is written well, supported by evidence and contains a thorough research, it does not mean that there are no mistakes in it. Your grade entirely depends on the grammatical aspect of your manuscript. Even several errors can make it spoiled. 

There are several advices on how to proofread your dissertation and improve its quality:

1) Ensure that an abstract of your dissertation describes a brief synopsis of the whole paper and gives a reader thorough understanding of the main goals and points of your dissertation;

2) Review your outline and make sure that you have discussed main parts of your dissertation;

3) Read your introduction and evaluate whether it provides a premise of your topic as well as its full overview.   

4) Read your literature review, outline methodology and data analysis and make sure it is relevant and impressive.

5) In discussion part, you should examine the main results of your research. 

6) Do not forget to check dissertation conclusion and bibliography. In conclusion, give a summary of everything that was carried out in the paper and point out why your findings are important for further researches. Make sure that Bibliography is listed alphabetically and formatted due to the Harvard Referencing style.

7) After you checked every part of your dissertation, read the whole paper aloud and set main questions and arguments.

8) Review each part carefully and ensure that it makes sense and is related to your topic.

9) Take your time and read every paragraph by itself, thus you will see if it is connected to the discussion as a whole.

10) Look through every sentence and check grammar, punctuation and style to make sure that your dissertation has no typos and errors at all.

Did you follow our 10 advices and still hesitate? Do you feel that you cannot cope with this task without professional help? We have several additional tips for you:

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