How to Write Better Essays: 7 Tips

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If you have learned to create good essays, it’s time to take your skills to the next level. Little things can be as rewarding as advancing your writing skills, producing even better essays and receiving positive feedback from your teachers and higher grades as follows. Assuming that you are familiar with essay writing basics such as the stages of essay writing, outlining and referencing, today we’ve collected advanced writing tips and guidance. These tips will help you to take your academic writing skills to simply good to breathtaking.

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7 Tips to create better essays  

1. Define the main argument before you start writing

Writing your essay starts with creating an outline where you determine its structure. But even before you get down to writing an outline, you need to formulate the main idea of your essay. What are you trying to say to your readers? Define it for yourself first in a few sentences, depending on the required essay length. Achieve clarity in your main argument – only then you’ll be able to provide the best fitting evidence and conclusion. Otherwise, you are going to ramble about the subject and your ideas are likely to look messed up and cluttered.

2. Provide the readers with solid evidence

Good essays make it clear at a glance that you’ve done in-depth research and looked at the essay argument from all possible angles. So, if the teacher recommends using at least three scholarly sources, don’t limit yourself to three. Use more resources, preferably with contrasting views, to give the readers enough evidence for formulating your conclusion. At the same time, don’t over-research – the quotes from books are aimed to help you prove your point, not to replace it. Moreover, adding more quotes from other researchers show how well-read you are.
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3. Read essays of other people

You’ve probably heard many times that in order to write better one should read a lot. To craft better essays, you should also read more essays written by other people: your classmates, academic and famous essayists. Take notice of how other people express their thoughts, structure writing and organize ideas. The variety of writing styles and approaches of others will help you make your own essays more versatile and fresh. Using the techniques you liked in the essays of others will advance your own writing skills as well.

4. Avoid popular essay clichés

Using essay clichés often indicates mediocre writing skills – if you cannot express your original ideas, the easiest way is to use an overused statement. Starting your essay with a quote or use a cliché like “it is because of this reason that” aren’t the ways to an excellent grade for this essay. If you catch yourself on the intention to use a cookie-cutter statement, try formulating the idea in your own words. It takes much more effort, but this is how excellent writing skills are built. To get inspired, check out these book-to-film adaptations.

5. Show off a good vocabulary

To produce outstanding essays, rich vocabulary is imperative. Your choice of words often contributes to the professor’s opinion about your essay. However, it doesn’t mean sticking to longer and complex words. A good vocabulary rather means expressing your thoughts clearly and concisely, using as few words as possible. To enrich your vocabulary, read more classic and modern literature, use the thesaurus as you write and learn grammar rules – for example, these English nouns tips. In addition to making your essay more vivid and persuasive, rich vocabulary also helps you make an impression of a well-rounded and intelligent student.  If you want to continuously write perfect essays, note that work on your vocabulary never ends.

6. Work on your tone of voice

All essay writers have their tone of voice, but only a few students manage to make their writing engaging. Most essays sound boring because of long monotonous sentences and dull vocabulary. So, look through your several most recent essays and think about what could be improved about your writing. When you read essays of others, note what you especially love about them so you could use the same techniques in your own essays. Use varying sentence length and experiment with the order of ideas. Avoid passive voice at all costs – active voice makes your writing more engaging and vivid.

7. Proofread with care and attention

Once you’re done with writing, give the paper a few hours’ rest and return to edit and proofread it. Don’t ever submit the paper without editing. This stage is crucial to find incomplete sentences, poor choice of words, syntax mistakes, let alone the minor grammar and punctuation errors. Start with reading your essay aloud and looking at it sentence by sentence to make sure every word and statement make sense and are stylistically correct. Finish with running your paper through a spell checker and proofreading for errors manually to spot homophones and other errors that online checkers cannot find.

Use these tips will help you advance academic writing skills even further and help you become a better student. Writing is a creative process and it assumes continuous learning, and we hope that the learning process will be enjoyable for you.

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