6 Reasons to Outsource Content Writing to Professionals

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Why outsource copywriting?

Creation of website content is a challenge that defines the success of your online marketing efforts. High-quality content that people love means more leads, higher engagement and eventually more sales. Unfortunately, writing a content that sells isn’t that easy – you might have found this out by now.

Whether you need a compelling copy for a landing page, a content strategy for your business blog or product descriptions, consider hiring an online copywriting agency. For example, at we staff experienced marketers, writers specializing in multiple industries and a document editor to ensure the perfect quality of writing. In addition to experience with creating academic papers, we possess years of content marketing expertise and can leverage it to build a strong online presence for your business.

Non-obvious benefits of hiring an online content writing service

The way the potential consumers interact with web content has changed over the years. The importance of creating relevant and helpful content to attract and engage the target audience continues to increase. Google appreciates the content that brings value, placing your website higher in search results. Customer expectations have evolved as well: 84% of people expect brands to create content. People want to hear the voice of the brand they’re buying from on their website or in social media.

6 reasons to outsource blog writing

So, how can a copywriting agency actually help you reach your strategic goals? Here are the perks you might not have considered:

Timeliness and consistency in content creation

If you decide to implement a content marketing strategy, note that consistency is key to its success. You need to publish blog posts or social media entries on a regular basis. Posting three publications in a row and then giving it up for 2 weeks won’t bring you the desired result. Being timely is especially important if you operate in a growing industry and want to be the first who shares the news or updates with your subscribers.
A content writing agency can provide you with the necessary pieces of content on a regular basis, keeping your blog active or an e-mail newsletter sent regularly. For example, if you owe an online book store, a pro copywriter specializing in English literature can create you a similar post about the modern female writers:

Save your time and effort with blog post writers

Entrepreneurs and business managers have lots of other things to do besides content creation. Hiring personnel, setting up the processes and keep the business running takes hours of hard work every day. Why overload your schedule even more with web content writing and editing? Besides that, not every business owner is a naturally good writer. To develop a quality post, you’ll need to invest a decent amount of time into research, writing and optimization of content.
Under these circumstances, it’s absolutely reasonable not to spend your precious time learning modal verbs in English.  Assigning all content-related tasks to an expert copywriting agency will allow you to focus on the crucial business tasks without spreading your efforts.

Pay for a blog service and receive a high quality of writing

Only a well-written, customer-centered content can meet the goals of more leads, higher visitor engagement and brand loyalty. You need to write an amazing text for a landing page, a blog or a social media page to turn the occasional visitor into thankful consumers. Needless to remind that the content should be all about consumers – they need to answer the questions which bother them, provide helpful information or entertain. In this case, you’ll keep them returning for more.

Another essential component of a good text is perfect writing. Your newsletter, blog entry or eBook should be written in flawless American English with style and without errors of any kind. Even punctuation mistakes are not acceptable – check out here why: By hiring a team of copywriters and editors, you’ll receive the text that meets both requirements. For example, here at professional consultants will work on the content until you’re fully satisfied with it. Moreover, each article goes through correction and proofreading to ensure the utmost writing quality.

Experience and subject matter proficiency

To author customer-friendly, engaging content, you need to be deeply familiar not only with your target audience’s needs, but also with the subject matter. The best content is well-researched and created by a writer with at least 1 year of industry experience. copywriting agencies typically staff professionals specializing in multiple fields, such as marketing, finance, manufacturing, nutrition, design and more. An experienced niche copywriter will create you a far better content than yourself. And, as we’ve mentioned above, better content means higher Google ranking and more website visitors.

Professional blogging services include SEO optimization

Search engine optimization cannot be ignored if you are serious about the promotion of your website, goods or services. Although Google updates keep saying that you have to write content for people, not robots, it’s silly not to use all possible methods to influence the site ranking. What you should absolutely give up doing is staffing the text with keywords, adding lots of links and scamming the web with low-quality content.

The truth is, in 2019 creation of quality blog content and SEO go hand in hand. If you don’t feel like diving into the peculiarities of search engine optimization, entrust this task to custom copywriters. They’ll use links, keywords and article structure that make the text reader-friendly and pleases the robots at the same time.

Stay up to date with the recent trends in copywriting

Content marketing and copywriting trends change every few years, and if you fail to keep up to date with them, you’ll lose to your proactive competitors. For example, the main SEO copywriting tips for 2019 list the following factors as the key drivers for your content success:

  • Value of content for people – the more people find your article via the search engine and read it through, the higher rating it eventually gets;
  • Longreads are the king – short articles have had their day. Now, a successful content should be at least 1200 words in length;
  • Quality of links matters – Google expects you to link to trustworthy resources (such as reputable news websites, educational resources, etc.).

Want a landing page or series of blog posts created exactly as per the freshest guidelines? Assign this task to a copywriting firm. Copywriting companies typically keep their hands on the pulse of newest trends and will fulfill your assignment at its best.

In-house copywriter or outsourcing to blog content writers: choosing a cost-effective option

Why not hire a staff copywriter to handle all your content creation? It might be a sensible idea in certain cases, but make sure you’ve taken into account the key decisive factors. Firstly, interviewing, hiring and onboarding all take time and resources, whereas a copywriting agency can create an urgent piece of content for you by tomorrow. Secondly, the writing expertise of a team of copywriters is always better than that of a single person, especially if this person isn’t familiar with the business yet. Hiring a staff writer makes sense when all your processes are optimized and you trust their professionalism. And if you only start implementing the content writing strategy, the expertise of the copywriting team of professionals can do you a lot of good.

Personal copywriting services

It’s not only businesses that might have the need for a quality piece of writing. Research papers written in accordance with your professors’ requirements, admission letter for university or PhD thesis are no longer a problem if you have a great copywriter who can assist you with an especially tough subject. A business writer can prepare you a resume for the job and help avoid popular cover letter mistakes. Every time your academic or career success depends on a particularly important paper, collaboration with a copywriting specialist will help you acquire the results you want.

Need SEO blog writing services?

If you are here because you want to make a go of your business using content marketing, you’ve come to the right place. For 10+ years, our copywriting team has been promoting online businesses in multiple industries through the top-notch SEO, writing and copyediting. We use an individual approach to help our clients get the result they want: our specialists will develop a content plan and provide you with the blog posts or web content that exceeds expectations, right on time. Have a pre-written content? Our staff editor can revise it or proofread for maximum impact.

Work with one of the best content writing companies

All content created by us goesh2 through a strict quality assurance check to ensure perfect writing and adherence with your instructions. Moreover, you’ll get an attractive 20% discount for your first purchase with us. You can learn more about our prices.  Entrust creation of your content to seasoned professionals and focus on other business tasks while copywriting professionals are working to help you achieve your content writing goals.